East England is made up of Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk. Some BMX parks in East England are facing clamp downs because they have been involved in drug sales. For example, the BMX park in Sudbury is about to be shut down because of drug crime. However, the vast majority of BMX parks in this area are fun and friendly, and many BMX’ers in this area are trying hard to keep it that way.

There are thousands of BMX bikers in this region. Beccles Skatepark is one such park. It is used for BMX tricks, stunts, and year round riding. One of the main problems with BMX parks in the region is that there isn’t any uniform oversight or management of the parks, which on occasions results in improper activities going on at them and a succession of injuries that is damaging the reputation of all BMX parks. The town councils have been universally opposed to investing large amounts of money in them so BMX riders are left to their own devices as far as figuring out where to go BMX riding.

Some BMX parks in the region include East City BMX, North Harbour BMX, Mountain Raiders BMX, Papakura BMX, Sunset Coast Waluka BMX, Waltakere City BMX, and Whangarel BMX.

There has been support from some councils in the region and more and more people are showing support for BMX parks in East England as they believe that putting money toward the project will be an effort to show that they are not letting down the kids in the region.

Some other BMX trails and street spots in Hertfordshire include estate and white woods, a new skatepark being built in gadebridge, the Nicky Line, Grovehill, Gadebridge Park kiddy park, and Hemel town. Hemel town has some great ledges for grinding. A few other tracks which are sanctioned officially include Hayes and Slough Hawks as well as a new track called Dunstable Beescroft and Milton Keynes Pineham. Bank court is also supposed to be a good street spot. Potten End Woods on Bullbeggars Lane is another good street spot. There is a paddling pool near Gadebridge that is empty during the part of the year.