When it comes to technological prowess there are very few nations that can challenge the supremacy of Japan. From home electronics to cars Japanese brands are the best in class. When it comes to cycling, Fuji Cycles are one of the oldest brands of cycle manufacturers from Asia. This century year old bike maker still is considered one of the top brands which is a testament to the tenacity of the company and the brand.

The Fuji garage rolled out the first bikes in 1899. Since then it has done a lot to popularize cycling in Japan and deliver top quality cycle over the decades. By 1951 having performed well in Tour de Japan, Asian Games and Tokyo Olympics, Fuji became a popular name in Asia.

In 1971, Fuji established its footprint in the US backed by the brand image that other Japanese manufacturers created about the nation in America. Soon Fuji became a respected brand in cycles in the US. In 2000, Fuji partners with distribution and marketing firms in Europe and expands into 16 nations including the UK.

Today, Fuji boasts of a long tradition, successful products and many race winners in national and international races around the globe. Fuji makes bikes under various categories to serve the users demands in the modern world.

Road Bikes: The models under this category of bikes are the ideal ones for a casual weekend biking. They are a perfect combination of light weight and high stability. The frame and seat design gives the rider an erect posture for good riding on roads. Under this category you have Sport, Ultra-light, Aero and performance models. Each model is unique and come with special designs for distinct use. Some models are for regular use while others are for races.

Mountain Bikes: These are always the toughest bikes to make as they need to be light and at the same time sturdy to tackle the tough mountain terrain. The typical feature in mountain bikes is the suspension. Hard tail models give a good stability and shock proof riding on the front wheel. For the real extreme riders there are the full suspension models that have suspensions on both front and rear wheels.

Speciality Bikes: These are bikes designed for special use. The triathlon and time trail models are light and very aerodynamic in design. The demands of such bikes are to give maximum forward propulsion with minimum resistance for a long duration. The cyclocross models are designed for better stability and manoeuvrability while riding the cross country trails. Besides these, Fuji also has bike for Police patrol and other special police needs.

Lifestyle Bikes: Bikes need not always be for racing, for many it is a great way to relax. These Lifestyle bikes are designed for spending a good weekend ride. These are designed for comfort riding more than anything else.

Fuji bikes also manufacture specially designed models to meet the needs of women and kids too. Besides there are a host of gear ranging from apparels to helmets, lights to locks and other gear that you can get under the Fuji brand.