Gary Fisher is a legend in the history of American biking. In fact, he is considered by many as the founding father of the mountain biking sport. Over the years, Gary Fisher’s passion for biking has translated into some of the best innovations in mountain bikes. Oversized headsets, front wheel suspensions and the 29 inch suspension bikes, Gary Fisher has given a lot of new ideas to the cycling world.

Trek Bikes have been in the business of making great bikes since 1976. For more than three decades Trek bikes have been promoting biking as a mode of transport, as a pastime and as a means to live a healthier and greener life. The merger of an American legend and a passionate bicycle manufacturer gives rise to Gary Fisher bikes.

Though Gary became famous as a mountain biker, the Gary Fisher bikes area available for all kinds of uses and ages. Here are the various categories of bikes from this legend.

Full Suspension: This is the best form of bike for rough mountain riding. With suspension fork and rear shock absorbers you can get control and comfort on any terrain. There are many models under this category. A recent addition to this piece of innovation has been the larger 29er wheels. These give you better speeds and control over tough terrain.

Hardtails: These are the work horses of the mountain bikers. The light weight and stable design make it perfect for mountain biking. Hard wired connection to the trail gives better control on the terrain. With multiple models on offer you can pick trail roads, dirt roads, jumps or regular streets.

Road & Race: Biking is not always on the mountains. It was meant to be on roads and there are many Gary Fisher bikes that are designed for long rides on the concrete. Light weight and slim design gives you comfort and speed while riding on the roads.

Cyclocross: The challenges of cyclocross roads are the slippery dirt. These models from Gary Fisher are idea for such roads giving control and speed unmatched by other brands. The tough steel body gives durability. You have the option of single speed or geared cycle in this category.

City Bikes: These are quite popular among general public that love riding in the cities. You can get classic hard tail bikes that have been used for cycling for centuries. These are simple cycles for regular use with the technology and components from Gary Fisher high end bikes. Besides there are Commuter, Fast City, Simple City and Path models available which are ideal for men and women to drive casually in the cities. The dual sport models are designed to work well in trails as well as mountains.

Bikes for Kids: Making bikes for kids is a tough job. They are riders too that like to put pressure on the bike mechanics. So the bike needs to be as tough and durable as the adult bike just smaller in size. Gary Fisher appreciates this fact and hence has designed a whole series of bikes to help the kids get used to cycling from a young age.