Northern Ireland is one of the four countries that constitute the United Kingdom, and it is one of the least know by most British citizens. This population base of 1.7m finds a lot of fun in its mountain bike trails that are the glory of Northern Ireland and to all visitors, a source of pride to the locals, and a way to enjoy mountain biking and amazing scenery all at once.

There are 100 routes or more in Northern Ireland for mountain biking. Most have ranges of between 30 and 50 miles, and they have different features and qualities like training, onroad, steep, rural, scenic, recreational, training, intermediate, smooth, urban, basic, low traffic, safe, and more. These specific designations describe what people can expect when they get on the trails in Northern Ireland. Let’s take a look at a few trails.

Finn MacCool Trail

The Finn MacCool 100 takes in some of the most stunning coastline in all of Northern Ireland that comprises the Glens of Antrim and the Causeway Coastline as well. It is 158 kilometers but well worth the distance. It is onroad with intermediate to low level difficulty and offers a basic smooth ride that is also safe and low traffic.

Larne-Ballina via Portrush Trail

There is also the Larne-Ballina via Portrush trail that is 445 kilometers with mainly Sustrans routes where the accommodate allows it. Some short cuts are also possible. It offers good rural scenery and a pleasant onroad journey through countryside good for intermediate riders and those who wish to engage in touring along their journey.

Ballycastle Fairhead Epic Trail

One of the coolest trails in Northern Ireland is the Ballycastle Fairhead Epic. This wonderful trail is in Ballycastle village. Most people spend four to five hours taking in the fantastic views of Fair Head. The four to five hours required for the work are well worth it because of all the amazing scenery you’’ll see. You’ll also see a foot path at the bottom that cannot be ridden, but this is a good place to walk.

Craigavon Lakes Trail

Another one that gets a 3.6 out of 5 rating from people is the Craigavon Lakes trail. You can park at Tannaghmore Gardens on the North side or at the water sports centre if you don’t like that area. It is the first trail to be designed and built within a city park in the UK. It is literally 10.6 km long with 7 km of singletrack. The singletrack is narrow at about 600 mm wide, with an earth or stone surface for easy riding. There are superb visitor facilities on this trail that make it great for people to ride it. Not a lot of people are accustomed to such a good ride, but experienced cyclists will be more than pleased with the trails that go all the way from novice to experienced so they can use all their cycling modalities throughout the course of the adventure. There are incredibly narrow strips of trail for bike riders that really like to get in on the narrow ride through the paths that get their muscles worked well.

Let us know what you think and if you have any other mountain bike trails, let us know and we’ll publish them.