Mountain biking in the North West, Lake District, and the outlying areas is fun, formidable, and fascinating. Some of the world’s greatest trails are in Ambleside, Arnside, Beacon Fell, Beetham, Bowness, Coniston, Eskdale, Fairfield, Garburn Pass, Grasmere, Grizedale, Hawkstead, Kentmere Valley, Lancashire, Rydal Mountain, Satterthwaite, Silverdale, Warton Crag, and Windermere.

Some of the trails include Grizedale Tarn Cycle Trail, North Face Mountain Bike Trail, TT Circuit, Ambleside Trails, Black Salt Pass Circuit, Coniston Water, Ennerdale Forest Trails, Floutern Tarn Circuit, Honister Pass Circuit, Old Coach Road Bridleway, Windermere West, Edale Valley, Jacobs Ladder, Pennine Bridleway, Carlton Moor Loop, Ingleborough Common, Settle Loop, and Stockdale Lane. The trails are positioned throughout the North West of England and don’t just reside in one spot.

There is even a book on great cycle routes in North West England called Great Cycle Routes: North West England, if you really want to research the topic and learn about it in great detail.

In the Grizedale Forest, there is a north face trail that is truly astounding. The trail is 9.7 miles long and includes gigantic obstacles like drop offs, gang plans, and some incredible jumps, and it’s a really difficult trail to follow through on. It has a variety of terrains, and it is sometimes muddy, wet, and snowy which can complicate matters further.

Another great place to test your mountain biking skills is in the Lake District. There are several trails in this area like the Coast to Coast trail, Hadrian’s Wall Path, C2C Cycleway, Dales Way, Lady Anne’s Way, Reivers Trail, Cumbria Way, Allerdale Ramble, Cumbria Coastal Way, Cumberland Way, Furness Way, Westmoreland Way, Wainwright Memorial Park, Kirkby Stephen Poetry Path, Forest Trails, A686 Penrith to Corbridge, Church Trails, The West Cumbria Cycle Network, Whitehaven/Ennerdale Cyclepath, Keswick Railway Footpath, and Stainmore Railway walk. Those latter trails, paths, and walkways can be used by people that want to go off the trail for a little while and just relax. Oh, and don’t forget the Pennine Way just a small way further south of the Lake District.

There are numerous options for people in the North West, and especially in the Lake District, to hone their cycling skills. The trails and walks of Cumbria, the Lake District are some of the best in the world to just relax, tune in to nature, and engage with the wonderful beauty of Mother Nature. Most of these trails are very long. They can encompass several hundred miles at a time so it is wise to take some dried food along and plan to stay at a bed and breakfast along the way.

For example, Hadrian’s Wall Path is 83 miles, Pennine Way is 267 miles, and Lady Anne’s Way is 100 miles. The paths, walkways, and country lanes of the Lake District are ideal for mountain biking. No one can complain if they happen to be too long because there are plenty of bed and breakfasts along the way. Cumbria Coastal Way is an astounding 190 miles long, but it has stops at several cities along the way like Silverdale Station and Grenta.

Let us know your favourite mountain bike trail in the North West and we’ll publish it for others to read.