Norco Bikes is a bike manufacturer headquartered in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Norco designs and distributes more than 140 bike models to more than 21 countries. Founded in 1964 by Bert Lewis, Norco was originally named Northern Cycle Industries Ltd. The first distribution branch opened in Toronto in 1970. In 1980, the company began sponsoring a factory BMX team. Norco has also been distributing bicycle-related parts and accessories for more than 45 years.

Norco has six categories of bikes for 2010: Mountain, Urban, Road, Women’s, BMX, and Kids’. However, each category has its own sub-categories of bikes, each holding several different models. In the Mountain category, there are fourteen different subsets of bikes. Each subset is defined by what the cyclist wants the bike to do, or what the cyclist wants to do with the bike. The subsets of Norco Mountain Bikes are: DH (downhill) Race/Park, Shore, Slopestyle, Forma, Enduro, All Mountain, Marathon, XC (cross-country) Hardtail, 29er, Shore Hardtail, Adventure X, Adventure, Dirt/Street, and Freeride Light. These bikes price anywhere from £200 for an Adventure Scorcher to £5,000 for an XC Hardtail Team Carbon.

The Urban bikes, divided into nine subsets, are substantially less expensive than the Mountain bikes. The Urban subsets are VFR, XFR, Indie, Belt Drive/Fixie, Corsa, City Glide, Hybrid, Comfort, and Cruisers. These bikes are not meant for trail or off-street riding. The Hybrid Olympia and Olympia W models come at a very low price tag. However, the Belt Drive/Fixie Ceres sells for much more than this since it’s such a great mountain bike.

Road bikes are meant for touring/racing purposes. There are only four subcategories of Road bikes from Norco. These are the Road Race, the Cyclocross, the Touring, and the Performance Road. The cost of these bikes is largely determined by the material they are manufactured from: carbon. Carbon frames are much lighter than traditional steel, which is imperative when choosing a bike based on speed performance.

The women’s bikes come in two categories: Mountain and Urban. These bikes are meant to suit a woman’s anatomical needs better than traditional male bikes. They range in price depending on the specific bike you choose, but these are certainly well priced. Norco advertises that this line of bikes is, “By women for women, the Forma series offers fine tune geometry, women specific parts, and intricate graphics.”

Norco offers only seven BMX models total. These models are the Rev, the Deviant, the Nail, the Volt, the Hades, the Ares, and the Rivet. These bikes are made for BMX competitors which isn’t the main focus of the Norco range.

Norco still sponsors a factory team of nine riders, three of which are women. The team boasts many 1st and 2nd place titles from various competitions across Canada and Europe. In addition to photos from competitions, Norco’s website also features a photo gallery of everyday people riding, racing, and stunting their own Norco bikes.