Cotic mountain bikes feature a design unlike any other. Their bikes are also considerably cheaper than some competitors’ bikes. Some of their frames include Roadrat, Soul, BFe, Hemlock, Soda, and Simple.

The Roadrat is a do-anything bike that is excellent for commuting, touring, and cycle-cross tours on the road. You can be a denizen of the urban landscape with this bike. The Soul is a winner in its category for 2 years running. It is one of the few XC hardtail bikes that can stay on the single tracks and descents without holding up to any challenges or obstacles like other bikes in the category. The BFe is a bike that can go from driving to turns easily with a good predictability, and it is tough, stiff, and confident on the road.

The Hemlock has a painstaking attention to detail and refuls to conform to the norms of the industry as far as its progress in winning awards for innovation, and it can keep up with its hardtail brethren. The Soda is a titanium joy to ride, and it is the favourite of many British trail riders. The Simple is the singlespeed mountainbike frame that has market-leading geometry of the soul with a dedicated singlespeed you’ll want to buzz around everywhere. The Cotic website lists big bike profiles and titles in big garish letters that are hard to miss. There are unusual bike profiles that seem to tell you everything about the bike whereas other websites conform to the same specs, geometry, and thumbnails.

Their website has an extensive photo gallery on each bike. You can open up new information for specifications, sizing, component sizes, colour options, components, development history, and warranty. Let’s take a look at the development history of the Soul. First, we see months and years that show the progress of what was done each year with simple paragraphs. The customer can clearly see that progress was made each month, year after year, and this shows consumer confidence because they recognize that Cotic is putting their all into improving their bikes year after year.