Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes specializes in mountain bikes. They have cross country, trailbike, all mountain, downhill, and hardtail bikes. Santa Cruz believes that all the marketing hype in the world won’t make a poorly constructed bike perform well under the tough conditions that are required of it. We agree. They also firmly believe that all the modeling software and metalworking technology don’t make a bit of difference if there is no craftsmanship and engineering behind it that has the goal of making the best bikes in the world. They believe that you have to love bikes before you can really excel at building good bikes. The engineers are riders first and engineers second.

The builders at Santa Cruz are even better than some of the best riders out there. There is a blurring of lines at Santa Cruz that creates a really comfortable environment for riders where they can put forward information on the kind of bikes they want and tweak them to perfection. Santa Cruz built the next generation VPP suspension technology that is now famous around the world. They also have a patented counter-rotating link design, short links, and grease ports. They are also behind the active pivot point technology. Furthermore, they are behind a unique form of carbon that haven’t dizzied up with a new acronym.

They merely call it carbon, but it is so unique that it requires a full page to explain how it differentiates from other forms of carbon. The mountain bikes in the Santa Cruz collection are the Bullitt, Butcher, Heckler, Nomad, and Nomad Carbon. The names are really stoic and awesome. Let’s take a look at the Bullitt. The tagline for the Bullitt is blunt force trauma never sounded so good. It is big, beefy, and burly. It is designed in all red to really appeal to the rough rider. Sometimes, delicacy will only hurt you, and this is the time you need a heavy-duty bike like the Bullitt. It has great features like a 20 mm single pivot axle, great mounts, 1.5” headtube, and either 135 or 150 mm dropouts.

The Butcher is another bike that can handle the steepest descents at the toughest angles. It can go through rock gardens, make jarring compressions, smooth turns, and sharp transitions with some of the fastest singletrack racing capabilities built right into it.

The bike is named after the trail called Butcher Ranch. This frame is designed to show the meaning of tough love, being able to take the toughest tracks possible. The Heckler is another bike that is funny in its composition. It is called the Heckler for a reason, and that is to create a spark of a sense of humour when you look at it. It is a bright green bike, and the tag line is that it has the highest grin per dollar ratio. That’s a pretty impressive slogan, but the bike also has some great features built in like a solid aluminium frame, efficient suspension system, and some of the best trail manners out there.