Mondraker is a young Spanish company with a real motivation for downhill racing. Created in 2000 in Alicante, Spain, the marketing base of the brand is Freeride and Downhill but their product line covers all MTB disciplines. Mondraker mountain bikes have gained a reputation and strong momentum across Europe since their first mountain bike rolled out of the warehouse over 10 years ago. The Kaiser downhill bike was developed in 2006, and was the frame that the Mondraker team used in 2008.

Strong magazine reviews have solidified the brand’s popularity and helped them to quickly gain fans throughout Europe. In 2009 the introduction of their ZERO suspension system hit the big time with a Gold and Silver medal at World Cup level for one of their team riders. Also, in 2009, Mondraker signed an exclusive partnership with Silverfish UK. The deal took 12 months to finalize, and resulted in confirmation of the commitment Silverfish and Mondraker have to offer the highest service & product possible to the UK and European markets.

Mondraker Bikes offers eight bicycle models, not including their model for kids, as well as a model built specifically for girls. The Downhill model comes in three varieties: the Summum Pro Team, the Summum, and the aforementioned Kaiser. The Freeride and Freeride Extreme models both offer two varieties, while their XC, Sport, and Euro lines offer a vast number of options from which cyclists can choose. Mondraker sells four varieties of BMX bicycles, each with specs outlined on their website.

Their Kids bikes, the Play 20 and Play 24 (names based on the frame size) boast durability and style stating “your kids will be the envy in the school and in the neighbourhood.” Their Girls Only bikes, the Factor Go & the Ventura Go, were designed specifically with the female body in mind. Mondraker’s goal was to create bikes adapted to the female anatomy. These features include a fork with a softer compression, a shorter stem, narrower handlebars, foam grips, and a more comfortable seat. This is perhaps one of more innovative technologies seen in MTB manufacturing.

In addition to its bicycles, Mondraker also sells footwear, activewear (jerseys), sportswear (t-shirts), and components to enhance bike performance. While the selection of attire is sparse, it is creative (one shirt displays a likeness of the comicbook character Captain America) and effective in promoting Mondraker as an up-and-coming global brand. All apparel is offered in subtle colors, such as black & gold, as well as bright, eye-catching combinations of red, white, and blue or black and green.

Publicity is key to this new company’s survival, which is perhaps why their website has pages where visitors can download photos of race team members in action, as well as a video page. Mondraker takes great pride in their product, offering news updates on any and all happenings in their microcosm of this sport. And, to ensure cyclists find the Mondraker bicycle that suits them best, a dealer locator is also available on their website.