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Scott CX Team Cycle Cross Bike Review

The Scott CX Team is a cycle cross bike which has a focused setup, an affordable price and admirable good looks which help to make the overall package sit well at this portion of the market. It is designed to appease enthusiast riders who are serious about their commitment to cyclocross but still want to save a bit of cash when they invest in a bike. Its alloy frame is stiff and durable, giving you quick off-the-line acceleration and it is paired with grippy all-condition tyres and well specced Shimano Ultegra components.

The double butted alloy frame is from Scott’s 6061 range and features bespoke cyclocross geometry. The material has been chosen not only to give you a cheaper option than the carbon framed bikes in this range, but also because it enhances the overall rigidity of the frame and equips it with a welcome degree of strength to make sure it is no wilting flower. Carbon is not completely eliminated from the equation as the Scott CX Team features a carbon fork. This helps to take the edge off the decidedly firm ride, compensating for the callous nature of rocky trails and muddy slopes as best it can. The carbon fork and alloy steerer work well in tandem, making the bike feel snappy in its response to your commands and helping the front end to keep up with the eager rear.

Scott CX Team Cycle Cross Bike Specifications

The frame and the components weigh in at an impressively light bracket and this adds to the overall focus on speed and forward-motion which is encouraged by the Scott CX Team. The Rocket Ron tyres from Schwalbe are decent choices, helping you to blast away from the pack and race up climbs, although they are not quite as well suited to tarmac, which is not likely to be a huge concern for those looking for a toned cyclocross racer. If you want it to double up as a commuting machine then you might give the tyres a lengthier analysis, although minor changes like this are rarely deal breakers.

The DT Swiss rims give the Scott CX Team a good solid base for withstanding the ravages of off-road riding. TRP EuroX brakes at the front and rear add an adequate amount of stopping ability to help you out when you misjudge a turn or have to control your speed on a descent. The Shimano Ultegra gear components are as light and durable as the frame and while other models in this range can pick and choose from a mixture of Shimano kit, it is good to see Scott instilling some consistency at this price bracket.

The Scott CX Team is willing and able to get you across the line in a racing situation faster than you may have done in the past. The flighty, feisty nature of this bike makes it feel very fleet of foot and for an alloy frame it is impressively light, showing that you do not need to spend two or three times more for a carbon cycle.

Model: Scott CX Team
4 / 5 stars