Scott Mountain Bikes Review

Scott got started in 1958 after engineer Ed Scott realised that there were many benefits to using aluminium over other materials when constructing ski poles. This expertise quickly translated to the manufacture of other goods and by 1986 the company began to build mountain bikes. It has continued to innovate in the use of lightweight, strong materials and aerodynamic designs and its mountain bikes are some of the best in the business.

Scott Spark Mountain Bikes

The Scott Spark mountain bikes are subdivided into a number of key categories, giving both budding riders and experience veterans of off-road racing something to fit into their lifestyles. Both 26ers and 29ers rank amongst the Spark family and these full-sus bikes are great for endurance courses as well as more general use. Although the extra suspension travel adds a little weight, Scott has managed to keep things surprisingly light, particularly on the carbon-framed Spark SL, which features Sram XX components and a lightweight DT Swiss wheelset.

You may find this Guide to 29er Mountain Bikes useful if you are considering moving to the bigger brother of the MTB world.

Scott Scale Mountain Bikes

If you prefer a hardtail off-road setup then the Scott Scale mountain bikes are very desirable. Affordable 26ers and 29ers with a good selection of components from tip top manufacturers help to ensure that performance scales not only with the price but also based on the abilities of individual riders. The Scott Scale 29 Comp is one of the more affordable options, featuring an alloy frame, Suntour XCR fork with 100mm travel and Tektro Draco disk brakes at the front and rear.

Scott Genius

If you want a trail bike then Scott also has several compelling reasons to choose one of its bikes. The Genius full-sus range is great if you are faced with competitions lasting several days in a row, with the class leading Genius 10 integrating a carbon frame, SRAM X0 components and a Fox 32 Tala FIT RL fork, delivering between 120 and 150mm of travel. The real time changes which can be made to the travel settings helps to give it that extra adaptive edge over its rivals.

Scott Aspect, Voltage, Gambler & Contessa

The hardtail trail success of the Scott Aspect range is all down to value and build quality. There are both disc and V-Brake iterations available to keep things nice and simple. Even the budget Aspect 60 benefits from Shimano gearing and an Suntour XCT V5 fork, so if you are somewhat of a beginner you will still enjoy Scott’s intelligent design choices.

Some of Scott’s more specialised mountain bikes are comprised of the Voltage and Gambler ranges. The voltage is intended to offer freeriders the chance to hit up the street or dirt tracks and still snap out trick after trick for fun or for competitive purposes. Meanwhile the Gambler offers similar performance but puts more of a focus on downhill dominance, which is why it is used by professionals.

For female riders who want to take on the mountains there is the Scott Contessa family of cycles. There are Contessa iterations of the Scale and Genius bikes as well as a few women-specific bikes which are unique in their own right.