Scott Scale 29 Elite Review

The Scott Scale 29 Elite mountain bike is a super bike with excellent value for money. Scott have produced a bike which is vibrant and lively with 29 inch wheels and have not sacrificed any of the smoothness or efficiency of the bike when travelling in the rough.

The inline seatpost and short stem ensure that the Elite feels small, making the Elite compact. Once you have adjusted the seat to fit, the Elite gives a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The narrow bar and short stem give it fantastically efficient steering, meaning that you are able to control its every move more easily.

There is also flex at the fork tips. Despite this, the frame still contains enough stiffness to allow it to ride flexibly between narrow gaps. The rider position makes it easier to get the most out of the Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres. The low weight (11.6kg) and stiff suspension makes the bike ride with vibrant enthusiasm when riding climbs or slower roads. The saddle gets a little getting used to but that’s true of most bikes.

The Elite is light and can be easily upgraded with new parts because of its 44mm inset head tube and overlap. The Avid Elixir 3 brakes used on the Elite are an excellent choice and ones used on quite a few of the Scott Scale bikes. The 30 speed Shimano gears and rear hub give the full range of gearing. The DT Swiss 485d rims are matched to the colour of the bike, as are the spokes, which makes for a sweet look. The compound Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres give the bike a fast ride in the dry, are comfortable over bumps but they are known to slip in the wet and for not having too much leeway for excess mud when the terrain is mucky.

The RockShox Reba 29 RL fork give 100mm travel and a firm feeling of control. The bike, therefore, provides for a fantastic ride for those who can find an excellent ride height from the bike, providing a controllable and comfortable ride at a budget price.

Whilst Scott has other bikes in its range that have larger specifications, the Elite allows for a light and agile ride whilst still providing value for money. Its black and yellow frame are aesthetically pleasing and striking, whilst its white text and design embossed onto the frame provide it with a professional excellence known only to Scott mountain bikes. Above all, the Shimano parts and Scott features allow the bike to be best shown off when riding. Handling and riding the bike is a must for all riders.

Model: Scott Scale 29 Elite
4 / 5 stars