Scott Scale 29 Expert Review

A fabulous, striking mountain bike, the Scott Scale 29 Expert Mountain Bike is a bike worthy of champions. With a black and red frame, embossed with silver text and design; the bike has a professional look that will make it stand out from the crowded arena of mountain bikes.

The Expert’s various specifications are a mix of Shimano and Avid parts and provide exceptional value for riders conscious of a budget. I like the way the Expert rides. It’s lightweight, with many of the features the same on the 2012 model, as they were on the popular 2011 bike. The Expert lets you feel the trail underneath the bike and you can have confidence in an ability to turn very rapidly. The Expert is easy to manoeuvre and compensates well for rough ground with the use of its stiff suspension. This helps to make you feel more comfortable when riding the bike.

The Scale Expert features IMP3 carbon process, a PF BB92 bottom bracket shell moulded from carbon for an unmatched power transfer and SDS engineered compliant stays. All of this comes in a compact package, weighing just 10.7kg.

The Shimano bike parts show great quality in a lightweight mountain bike of this size. The SLX Front and XT Shadow Rear Derailleur, with 30-speed gears and SLX Rapidfire shifters are just some of the components made by Shimano and show the lightweight technology at its best. These parts allow you to handle the bike at harder and faster paces without losing control of the bike. It will mean that you are able to beat your mates because of your new found confidence in your bike. The DT Swiss XR39 rims are once again tied in with the Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres. This means that you are able to ride fast on flat courses.

With a Scott Hot Rod T-bar handlebar, set at a six degree angle, the Expert allows you to sit in a racing position in a comfortable way, but still allows you the leeway to sit up on your bike and push on both the flat and when ascending and descending hills. This makes this particular model ideal for many different types of terrain.

Above all, the Scott Scale 29 Expert is a superb bike with a high specification at a good price. It is built for mountains, but will also ride well on the flat. It has a striking black and red design, embossed with silver emblems. The rims are emblazoned with red and black, so you will stand out from the competition on this particular bike.

Model: Scott Scale 29 Expert
4 / 5 stars