Scott Speedster S10 Double Road Bike

Scott Speedster S10 Double Road Bike Review

The Scott Speedster S10 Double is part of a bestselling range and as such, you will have to act fast if you ever want to pick one up for yourself. The reputation of this bike and the range in general is well earned, as the alloy frame and blend of carbon and alloy in the fork make it very stiff and sporty to ride, which gives it the competitive edge over its contemporaries. The use of alloy rather than carbon for the frame has other advantages, as you will find that no matter how much hard work you put in and how many miles of road you throw at it, this is a bike which keeps on giving.

The frame geometry and the double-butted alloy tubing have been customised to ensure that the rider is able to enjoy hours of comfortable riding while still feeling in total control. The handling is particularly impressive when you consider that this is a bike that is ultimately designed for straight line speed. While other manufacturers may build bikes which have a single minded approach to either ride quality or performance, the Scott Speedster S10 Double manages to straddle the two and come out on top.

Scott Speedster S10 Double Specifications

The Scott Speedster S10 Double is well equipped to tackle uphill climbs as well as quick descents. The length of the top tube means that you can get your weight up over it and put as much force through the pedals as possible, propelling you forward on even the toughest ascents. Meanwhile, the excellent handling and the Continental Ultra Sport tyres should give you the incentive you need to let the bike loose as you speed down steep inclines. Other bikes can get quite hairy when you ride them at speed downhill but the solid, sure-footed nature of this model shines through and will see you racking up some serious MPH.

Talking about durability and sturdiness can occasionally be a euphemistic way of skirting around the issue of weight, but this is thankfully not true of the Scott Speedster S10 double. There may be carbon bikes that are lighter, but once you are sitting in the saddle and taking your first ride you will hardly notice the difference. The Scott Speedster S10 Double takes advantage of Shimano Ultegra components and these will be a welcome sight for any serious rider because they have been tried and tested in endless competitive situations. The gear changes are just what you would expect from this brand; smooth and eager to be taken racing. The Shimano BR-R560 brakes on the front and rear wheels are equally capable and reassuring when you are in action.

The Scott Speedster S10 Double is not necessarily a bike which is out to make a name for itself, but in this price bracket and with this level of quality, you will be hard pressed to name a bike you would rather ride to victory than this particular road racing machine.

Model: Scott Speedster S10
4 / 5 stars