Scott CR1 Comp Triple Road Bike

Scott CR1 Comp Triple Road Bike Review

The Scott CR1 Comp Triple is designed to enter the market within the realms of affordability and yet still wear its racing pedigree on its sleeve. The CR1 range has become focused on keeping the rider comfortable on lengthy road journeys, whether you are training or racing competitively. Thanks to this comfort-centric setup there will be no fear of blisters, calluses, bumps and bruises putting you off your stride and this is a bike which wants to be ridden extensively without being an expensive prospect.

The Scott CR1 Comp Triple is built to provide a stable, comfortable platform for serious cyclists and it achieves this using carbon components and a carbon frame. This has more flex to it than previous generations and is certainly more forgiving than the alloy bikes which are cheaper than this particular model. However, there is little worry about getting exhausted because of its softness sapping your power, because the bike still manages to feel very sporty and rigid. The softness of this model is, of course, relative to a range which is renowned for its race-ready setup and so compared to many other bikes, this will feel considerably nimbler and raring to go.

Scott CR1 Comp Triple Specifications

The main party trick of the CR1 Comp Triple is its ability to get progressively more comfortable the faster you ride it. At slow speeds, a rough road surface will certainly be felt, but that is typical of any road bike of this calibre. When you get it up to speed things are silky smooth and effortlessly comfortable, which is part of its charm. This in turn will endow you with a greater sense of confidence than on a bike which feels more lively and twitchy at high speeds. Since this is the kind of bike which can act as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, you will want it to give you the kind of performance which never lets you feel like you are out of control.

The Shimano 105 components which are affixed to the Scott CR1 Comp Triple are well respected in this area of the market. The gear changes in particular are something of a boon because they are slick and almost seamless, making it easy to manipulate the bike without feeling like you are dealing with clunky machinery. The Shimano 105 brakes are equally impressive, working with the Alex Race rims and Continental Ultra Sport tyres to give the bike stable footing whatever the weather. Surface conditions are never guaranteed to be good, but even when it feels like you are skating across a river you will still get the sense that the CR1 Comp Triple is ready to cling on and keep you flying straight as an arrow.

The Scott CR1 Comp Triple is definitely a competitive model and while the emphasis in its presentation has been put on comfort it should not be seen as a sub-standard when it comes to providing racing prowess and passion.

Model: Scott CR1 Comp
4 / 5 stars