Specialized Myka HT Women's Mountain Bike

Specialized Myka HT Women’s Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Myka HT is a hard wearing, sporty little mountain bike designed from day one to suit the typical weight and proportions of female riders. It comes into the market at a price bracket that marks it out for beginners, but it features the types of capabilities and components which you might want to see on much more costly models. A light build is perhaps chief amongst its assets, because at this end of the scale, you can often be lumbered with bikes which have cheap components which seriously help to pile on the pounds and make the ride and handling a little bit beastly. There is no fear of such problems with the Myka HT, as we shall examine below.

To help give relatively novice riders the confidence they need to progress, the Specialized Myka HT is able to provide a degree of handling prowess which you might not expect. It is responsive to every twist and turn exerted upon it by the rider and its A1 Premium aluminium frame helps to pull its disparate parts together so that they are all working for you, rather than providing you with something against which you have to struggle.

The front fork is equipped with an SR Suntour shock that provides 80mm of travel and adjustable preload which can help you tune the ride to your satisfaction. You might usually expect to see beginners’ bikes from big name manufacturers featuring rigid front forks and while you might argue that at this level of the market the ride might be improved by this addition, there is no doubt that the suspension setup on offer here is able to show riders just what they can expect when they upgrade to a more expensive, capable model in the future.

The female-centric geometry of the frame not only helps to keep the weight down to a minimum and save energy expenditure but it is also setup to give the rider a comfortable ride, no matter what kind of trials and tribulations are thrown up by the trail ahead. This is compounded by the fact that Specialized has rolled out a wide variety of frame sizes for the bike, ensuring that those with the most petite proportions will not have to totter unsteadily on a bike which is too large, but can instead ride with confidence on a cycle which is perfectly adapted to their specific needs. Specialized manages to live up to its name in this respect.

A comfortable saddle, V-brakes on the front and rear and Shimano Atlus and Acera components add their own benefits to the Specialized Myka HT. Fast Trak tyres and durable rims will ensure that you can be confident in the bike whether you are racing across rocky terrain in the back of beyond or simply taking it for a spin around the local park.

You cannot really go wrong with the Specialized Myka HT. Its price is appealing and you will be willing to forgive any flaws thanks to the nippy handling and the personality that shines from all angles.

Model: Specialized Myka HT
4 / 5 stars