Specialized Myka FSR Comp Women's Mountain Bike

Specialized Myka FSR Comp Women’s Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Myka FSR Comp is a good example of what a women’s mountain bike should be striving to offer riders. It enters the market a degree or two above the basic beginners bikes in the Myka range, with its full suspension frame providing 100mm of travel for some serious shock-absorbing and its custom components all made precisely for the purpose of suiting female riders.

You can, of course, find full suspension bikes which offer a greater travel distance, but the 100mm offered by the RockShox components on the front fork and at the rear is actually a good fit for the clientele of the Specialized Myka FSR Comp. The smaller female riders will benefit from the maximised standover provided by this slightly reduced degree of travel and including longer forks would make little sense in this instance.

The M4 hydroformed tubing of its alloy frame is crafted using a geometry which is once again specified for females. It is light but nonetheless a sturdy ally, sure to withstand endless hours of punishing trails without limping to the finish line. It also manages to add an impressive level of comfort to the ride in what you might otherwise assume was a pretty hardcore bike. This can be important if you have an extended session ahead of you and you want to keep yourself fresh and alert rather than battered and bruised.

The Specialized Myka FSR Comp is equipped with Tektro Draco brakes which use hydraulically operated discs. These stick with the ideology of durability which has been applied to the rest of the bike, thanks to the use of ceramic pads which will not suffer from wear and tear in the same way as standard pads. The smooth operation and serious stopping power of these brakes will help to bring a relatively timid rider out of their shell as they will learn to appreciate the bike’s handling and come to love its reliability and consistency, thus building their own confidence levels. Specialized appreciates that the Myka FSR Comp may well be the first full suspension bike that riders buy and has taken this into account in its design.

If you are a serious cyclists, you will realise that bikes like the Specialized Myka FSR Comp are designed to be adjusted and adapted to the rider and do not roll out of the factory ready to provide excellent performance for anyone who hops on them. The ability to customise the setup of this model is enhanced because of the ease with which this can be achieved. Everything from the saddle to the suspension can be tweaked and you may well want to get this done early on so that you can find your sweet spot and enjoy the hours of cycling which lie ahead.

The Specialized Myka FSR Comp has build quality, robustness and a bespoke female design all on its side, made all the more appealing thanks to the attractive blue and white paintjob.

Model: Specialized Myka FSR Comp
4 / 5 stars