Specialized P20 Jump Bike

Specialized P20 Jump Bike Review

The Specialized P20 is a jump bike with BMX styling and a heavy emphasis on providing value and affordability without leaving you lacking in the performance department. Its lightweight CR-Mo frame is well suited to any situation, whether you are taking on dirt jumps, going freestyle on a street course or taking on a specially designed park.

The long, low slung frame with its short seatpost encourages you to get up and pedal hard as you approach jumps and deal with dips in the road ahead. Its rigid design is light enough to whip around if you want to snap off tricks in a hurry and will also send you soaring if you put enough power into the pedals. This is obviously not a bike designed for comfort, so there is no suspension on the front fork to absorb impacts, which can slightly limit it when facing more expensive opponents. However, as an everyday bike, it does a little better than those higher up the range which can sap the fun from common usage due to their specific tuning.

The Specialized P20 is kitted out with Rhythm Lite tyres, which in part make up for its lack of suspension. They are high volume and intended to take the worst out of any impact the bike suffers when you treat it in the rough manner for which it is designed. If you like to mix up the places you ride, tackling dirt courses one day and taking it to the street the next, then these tyres will definitely be a benefit. Combined with the double walled Fuse rims, which will be sturdy and solid throughout vicious usage, the P20 has a solid grounding to go on and perform.

The single speed gear setup is precisely what is required from this type of bike. Matched with a Tektro FX-15 brake on the rear with soft compound pads, the handling and stopping power of this agile bike will be enough to inspire confidence in riders. Since this is essentially a beginners model you will want this type of functionality to be present.

The Specialized P20 is specifically styled to make it look effortlessly cool. The all-black frame, black rims and chunky black tyres are not spoiled with an array of branding or decals as might be the case with other options. As such, it looks much more focused and aimed at an adult audience. The while saddle and grips combined with the purple chainring gives it a quirky look that is not as overtly masculine as its rivals and this definitely gives it the edge in the aesthetic stakes.

The Specialized P20 is a jump bike which wants to help you grow as a rider and learn the tricks of the trade. It is priced not to put too deep a dent in your wallet and is equipped with the components that will see you through your developmental period with a level of durability that is necessary for those unavoidable early mistakes.

Model: Specialized P20
4 / 5 stars