Specialized P24 Jump Bike

Specialized P24 Jump Bike Review

The Specialized P24 is a jump bike which looks just as good cruising the streets and looking for a spot to session as it does when it is racing across specifically formed dirt tracks or parks. Its 24 inch Reynolds Cr-Mo frame is very light and its rigid fork helps to give you the power and flexibility required to pull off tricks and land jumps with precision. It is also forgiving enough to take some of the heat out of a poorly judged move and ensures smooth riding that will make you want to use it all day long. The geometry is setup to make you feel stable in the most hectic conditions and it should be able to help you develop your skills and try new things, eradicating any questions you may have about your own abilities.

The single speed gear arrangement features a chain with anti-drop inner links that will avoid those annoying uncouplings which can occur when you give the bike a real thrashing. A Tektro brake on the rear will give you the stopping power and speed control you need to get to grips with the Specialized P24 and the steel handlebars are sturdy and light, just like the frame, letting you throw the bike around with confidence in its ability to perform consistently with each and every turn, trick and jump.

The rigidity of the frame and the light build are offset by the hard wearing, double walled alloy rims which will not bat an eyelid even if you use them to take the brunt of serious impacts. The Rhythm Lite Sport tyres which are part of Specialized’s own range are grippy and chunky, with extra capacity added to make them even more capable of absorbing the inevitable shocks that the bike will sustain. There are alternatives to this bike which feature suspension on the front fork, but in this category the Specialized P24 proves that this is not always necessary, particularly where straight line speed, agility and low weight are all on the agenda of requirements.

The Specialized P24 is an attractive bike that fits in with the minimalist designs of the rest of the P Series. It has a plain grey frame with only a small white decal indicating the name of the manufacturer. Black rims and tyres are offset by white pedals, saddle and grips. Blue detailing on the chainring brings the bike’s style to life and it is effortlessly appealing, looking like something you might have laboured on for hours in your garage rather than something which comes straight out of a box.

Its handsome design matches well with its capable performance, making the Specialized P24 one of the more compelling models in the P Series. It is not going to be a great cross-country bike, but in urban environments and areas tailored to trick-happy cyclists, it will come into its own and will please riders with the precision of its handling and the lightness of its build.

Model: Specialized P24
4 / 5 stars