Specialized Rockhopper Comp Mountain Bike

Specialized Rockhopper Comp Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Rockhopper Comp is something of a bargain in a range of well priced mountain bikes. It is a couple of rungs above the most basic bike but it comes in under the £1000 mark, giving you a reliably stiff hard tail experience which will be suitable for a variety of purposes. You can enjoy the same lightweight alloy frame that adorns its more expensive siblings and a smattering of decent components from both Specialized itself and big brands which add legitimacy to the bike’s claims of greatness.

The geometry of the alloy frame puts the rider into a slightly stretched position and this is far from a bad thing as it helps improve the stability of the ride, whatever type of surface you are facing. You will be immediately struck by just how light the bike is given its price point and it can match pound for pound a slew of alternatives that cost up to twice as much in this respect. Despite its light weight it never feels cheap or flimsy, with a solidity to the setup that helps you feel engaged with the trail without letting you get bogged down in sticky situations or worry about buckling the bike when you catch a bit of air.

Specialized Rockhopper Comp Specifications

The Specialized Rockhopper Comp uses a RockShox Recon Silver SL fork at the front, complete with coil spring preload and external rebound adjust to make sure that it is forgiving enough to cope with surfaces of all kinds. If you will be mostly using the bike as a means of getting to work, only occasionally taking it out to off-road areas, then the hard tail arrangement and taught fork will be ideal. It is an improvement over the base model in this range and well worth the extra cash to get a smoother, cleaner ride.

The hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear come from the Avid Juicy range and each has a 160mm rotor to give you excellent braking on demand. A selection of the more affordable components from Shimano work together to provide the gears while Specialized has used its own-brand tyres latched onto DT-Swiss rims to give the bike good footing. Sometimes, with an affordable bike like this, you might feel inclined to make changes to certain components, but Specialized has made sure that there is really no need to do so as it will all feel intelligently designed and built as soon as you get it out of the box.

The curved down tube and the bright red paint job on the frame make the Specialized Rockhopper Comp look the part. The current spate of classic designs being rolled out by this manufacturer really gives this bike and its stable mates the edge in the aesthetics department. For the money, you will not find a bike which is more willing to take on anything you care to throw at it, whether on the trail or on the local streets.

Model: Specialized Rockhopper Comp
4 / 5 stars