Specialized Rockhopper Pro Mountain Bike

Specialized Rockhopper Pro Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Rockhopper Pro is a great quality hard tail mountain bike with a lightweight alloy frame and a host of appealing features, including a RockShox fork and hydraulic disc brakes from Avid. It brings these solid components to the table at an affordable price point and represents the natural progression for a range which has won many fans over recent years, thanks to the serious bang for your buck that you get with this bike.

The Specialized Rockhopper Pro is a good multipurpose mountain bike. It is a hard tail model so it will be just as happy on urban roads as it will tearing uphill and across rocky ground. This means if you want to use it as your weekday workhorse on the journey to and from work it will not let you down, allowing you to weave through the traffic and get off the line quickly on the tarmac. It will then be equally happy to go on jaunts into the countryside for recreation or racing when the weekend beckons.

Specialized Rockhopper Pro Specifications

This duality of purpose is made possible thanks to its cutting edge alloy frame and the Recon Gold SL fork from RockShox. The frame geometry has been refined and honed through serious time on the trail and it really shows, giving you an impressively responsive handling experience which is also forgiving enough for everyday use. While rivals of the Specialized Rockhopper Pro might suffer from a slightly lifeless, uninspiring ride and handling setup, this bike is much feistier and engaging, performing consistently whether in an urban environment or on loose grit and slippery mud.

The Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes and selection of Shimano components fit in well with this bike, providing reliability and competence at every turn. The comfort of the Rockhopper XC saddle helps to enhance the shock-absorbing capabilities of the fork and the Specialized tyres are fast rolling when they need to be, but also have the grip that will see you through tight bends and up uneven climbs without letting you down.

The overall sense of riding the Specialized Rockhopper Pro is one of lightness and fluidity. The rigid rear end is conducive to powerful riding and will help you transfer that power into forward motion. Meanwhile the high capacity tyres and front fork will do their best to compensate for rocky surfaces or, as may be a bigger concern for commuters, pothole riddle-roads.

The impression given off by the styling and restated by the specs sheet is that the Specialized Rockhopper Pro will inspire a quiet confidence in the rider. Its white frame with black detailing and serious-looking black DT-Swiss rims ensure that it is an eye-catching machine, gaining more personality with every spatter of mud that is acquired when it is put to its proper use. If you want a mountain bike to keep you happy every day and put a smile on your face in your leisure time, then the Specialized Rockhopper Pro is one of the best in the business.

Model: Specialized Rockhopper Pro
4 / 5 stars