Specialized Secteur Road Bike

Specialized Secteur Road Bike Review

Inspired by the costlier Roubaix range but coming into the market at an impressively affordable price point, the Specialized Secteur is the perfect road bike for beginners who are looking for a cycle that will help them develop their skills and fall further in love with the sport while still leaving their bank balance looking reasonably healthy. It is difficult to distinguish its core components from the models which are a few hundred pounds more expensive and first timers will definitely benefit from the progressive capabilities of this bike.

The Specialized Secteur uses the same premium aluminium frame as its siblings, featuring endurance geometry which is intended to supply riders with a forgiving ride that is nevertheless responsive and lithe. Zertz insets on the carbon-legged forks are a welcome sight, helping to drown out the buzz generated by rough road surfaces and compensate for any potholes which jump out at you. Although the bike is not going to be as absorbent as some of the more expensive options, its upright riding position and general user-friendliness will work in its favour to improve your experience.

In terms of equipment, the Specialized Secteur road bike has some decent kit but nothing too overwhelming, which is only to be expected at this price point. The Shimano 2300 components that make up the gears are well suited to this bike, letting you change without encountering any major snarl-ups and providing you with enough versatility to tackle climbs and pick up speed on the straights. The generic brakes are a little less stellar, but they are nevertheless functional even though they lack the brand reassurance that is found elsewhere.

Mavic CPX22 rims are accompanied by Specialized All Condition Sport tyres. This is a sensible pairing and one which is featured across the Secteur range. The rims are relatively light and definitely tough enough for regular use, while the tyres are good all-rounders, letting you wind up your speed in the wet or dry and acting as added cushions to temper the most uneven of road surfaces. The alloy seat post is a slight step down from the carbon options which feature on those higher up the range, but it does the job perfectly well and is in keeping with the value-oriented ethos of the Specialized Secteur.

The Specialized Secteur is by no means a flash bike, although its reserved looks help to add class to the package. The navy blue and white frame with white grips and a white saddle looks dashing enough and there are no superfluous decals denoting the various attributes of the bike, so it has no pretentions to suffer.

The Specialized Secteur works hard to give you a budget bike which is still going to keep you getting out of the house and out on the roads regularly. It is not exactly a racer, but it can make riding for recreation and exercise great fun and endeavours to do so without costing you an arm and a leg in the process.

Model: Specialized Secteur
4 / 5 stars