Specialized Secteur Sport Road Bike

Specialized Secteur Sport Road Bike Review

The Specialized Secteur Sport is a stylish road bike which gives you Roubaix-style thrills and comfort at a price significantly under the £1000 mark. While it is definitely going to pique the interest of an audience more concerned with value than all-out performance, it is nevertheless an able-bodied bike with some nice premium features integrated amongst the cost-cutting equipment.

The central hub of the Specialized Secteur Sport is provided by its aluminium frame with fully manipulated tubing. It is compact while still being comfortable and the geometry is largely copied from the Roubaix range, which means you can enjoy long distance comfort and adequate racing ability on a budget bike. With FACT carbon legs equipped on the fork and Zertz insets also in place, the bike gets a few nods to its higher end siblings, complete with vibration-damping to help reduce the fatigue that is inevitable if a rough road surface transfers all of its lumps and bumps on to the rider.

The Specialized Secteur Sport remains stiff and responsive despite its comfort features and the back end is particularly lively, willing you to put down some power to see how it copes with acceleration. Getting it up to speed is good fun and never a chore, while maintaining a decent pace will be desirable since the bike does its best shock-absorbing work when it is being pushed. The Tektro brakes are a welcome sight, avoiding the generic in-house equipment which is affixed to the very base model in this range. You will be able to tame the pace of the bike and work together with its fast acting handling to bring things under your total control at all times.

The rest of the equipment for the Specialized Secteur Sport is well chosen and about what you would expect at this price point. Shimano Sora and Tiagra groupsets are more than a match for beginners and experienced riders alike, letting you wind through the gears without any impediment. Meanwhile, the Mavic CXP22 rims give you a solid grounding, ensuring the durability of the bike at a basic level. All Condition Sport tyres from Specialized’s own range are a good accompaniment to this bike, making sure that you can keep on gripping in the corners and climbs even in slippery circumstances.

The Specialized Secteur Sport looks the part with its black and red frame never feeling overly showy or distracting. The white Riva Road saddle, with its body geometry for extra support, looks good in contrast with the black S-Wrap grips and the bike gives the impression of having been well made without having to scream it from the rooftops.

If you are looking for a road bike which will give you mile after mile of consistent performance with a lively ride and an affordable price to boot, the Specialized Secteur Sport is probably for you. While it may be heavier and less refined than the range upon which it is based, its pluckiness and affordability make up for any shortcomings.