Specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp Carbon Mountain Bike

Specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp Carbon Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp Carbon is an affordable way of getting hold of a carbon frame hardtail mountain bike to do a little bit of trail blazing. It is the latest addition to a long line of mountain bikes which stretches back over 25 years and so it has a lot to live up to.

The centre of the Specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp Carbon’s appeal is its overall balanced feeling. It is definitely one of the fastest bikes on the market, thanks to both its lightweight carbon frame and its superior stiffness, but it is also comfortable enough to keep you coming back for more. The carbon framed version is only a little more expensive than its all-aluminium sibling and for the extra cash, you can really feel the difference. Of course this extra lightness and the subsequent speed have not come at the expense of ride or handling, quite the opposite. The bike is built to be hard wearing and ready for the trail while still being supple enough to take hits and not pass on the lion’s share of the punishment to the rider.

RockShox supplies the fork, with its tapered alloy steerer for handling finesse and its 90mm of travel to smooth out rocky surfaces and slide gracefully across muddy trails. While the front end is definitely forgiving, the rear makes sure that the overall stiffness is maintained, particularly during climbs, where you will really be able to see your efforts being put to good use rather than wasted.

Many aspects of the Specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp Carbon have been tweaked for this specific range, which gives the bike a bespoke, aftermarket kind of feel. The SRAM gearing and chainset is a good fit for this bike and the Avid Elixir R SL brakes are hydraulically operated with generous discs at the front and rear, keeping you on the track when the conditions threaten to throw you off it. While the equipment may not be as impressive as that which you will find on the more expensive hard tail Stumpjumper models, for the price it is precisely what you should expect and easily adequate for the needs of most riders.

DT Swiss rims and a pair of S-Works tyres make the wheelset light, sturdy and definitely fast rolling. Previous generations of this model have been criticised for the lack of grip, but including The Captain tyre on the front helps to address this issue while still putting speed as a number one priority.

The red frame shows off some of the carbon weave in pleasing shapes and this really lets the abilities of the bike become obvious to observers. The Specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp Carbon benefits from the typical degree of quality craftsmanship you would expect to see from any bike produced by this manufacturer, so a long lifespan is also part and parcel of ownership. For hard tail, high speed thrills, look no further than the Specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp Carbon.

Model: Specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp
4 / 5 stars