Specialized Tricross Sport Road Bike

Specialized Tricross Sport Road Bike Review

The Specialized Tricross Sport is the most affordable edition of this multipurpose hybrid road bike. It is intended to offer users an alternative to the all-out cyclocross bikes, letting you enjoy swift, fast rolling riding on the tarmac while giving you the kind of grip and comfort features which make it an able off-road machine at the same time.

At the core of the Specialized Tricross Sport is its aluminium frame and it has been created to be both light and strong, which is something you will find across this range. The carbon fork is there to provide decent clearance and also dampen the vibrations of the road and make up for the impacts which are inevitable when you head off onto the trails. Impressively for a bike of this price bracket, you can actually benefit from internal cable routing, which pulls all the messy cables within the frame to keep them out of the way, make the bike look even sleeker and cut down on its wind resistance so that it rides cleanly and smoothly in any conditions.

The Specialized Tricross Sport features Mavic CXP22 rims matched with Borough CX Sport tyres. These are definitely geared more towards the off-road leanings of this model than the road bike setup, so serious riders will probably want to equip it with slick tyres if they want to take it on long stints across the tarmac. However, the high capacity tyres that come as part of the package will definitely help you light up the trails as they have just enough grip to make mounting climbs in the wet a doddle, while the overall lightness of the bike will give you the edge over riders who are lumbered with heavier mountain bikes.

The Specialized Tricross Sport uses Shimano Tiagra and Deore components for the gearing while looking to Tektro for the brakes. The smooth, reliable changes and the ample anchoring power on offer will definitely be pleasing to any riders who have suffered under bog standard, own brand components in the past. The seatpost is from the Elite range so it features a blend of carbon and alloy, allowing for a more comfortable ride at a lower price point where a full carbon option would increase the cost considerably.

The handling of the Specialized Tricross Sport is perfectly adequate when you are using it as a road bike. It is reassuring and stable without feeling overly neutral or tempered. Of course this is partly due to its multifunctional outlook, because as soon as you get it on a trail you will be thankful for its sure-footed nature which gives you confidence in the turns and support when you are racing downhill.

The Specialized Tricross Sport is a good value alternative to a full-on cyclocross bike. It has the elegance of a road bike and the hard wearing ruggedness of a mountain climbing machine, so you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds in a single, affordable package.

Model: Specialized Tricross Sport
4 / 5 stars