Specialized Tricross Comp Road Bike

Specialized Tricross Comp Road Bike Review

The Specialized Tricross Comp is yet another top notch road bike from this respected manufacturer. It represents something of a hybrid in this area of the market, mixing the road-friendly reliability and comfort of the Roubaix range with the race-friendly performance and off-road capabilities of a cyclocross model. This potentially odd mix actually works incredibly well here, as it has done in previous years. It is clearly not going to be for everyone, but if you want a bike that is very versatile and happy on the tarmac or the trail, then the Specialized Tricross Comp is worth giving the once over.

The Specialized Tricross Comp features a premium aluminium frame combined with a FACT carbon fork at the front. The whole thing is slightly more compact than a typical road bike, but this makes it tough enough to be eager on the trails while still having an impressive overall weight that will not leave you panting to keep up on the tarmac. Handling is left somewhere in between the two backgrounds of the bike as well, with a responsiveness which is not so swift as to cause issues off-road while still being composed enough to let you tackle street situations with confidence.

Another product of the design choices is that the Specialized Tricross Comp manages to be more comfortable than many dedicated cyclocross bikes, putting you in an upright riding position which still manages to get your power down. Climbing in competitions where you are facing the heavier mountain bike models will definitely give you the edge and although it has a planted feeling throughout any situation, it is never a boring bike to ride, giving you plenty of feedback to help keep the adrenaline pumping.

Shimano 105 components sort out the gearing appropriately while Tektro brakes are on hand to remedy some of the complaints about previous models, enhancing the stopping power and speed correction capabilities of the Specialized Tricross Comp to levels which will improve it off-road. The Specialized Borough Pro tyres are an interesting choice, since they are essentially slick but with higher capacities than you would expect from similarly equipped road bikes. Even without grippy tread, they are more than a match for most off-road situations while still providing you with that fast-rolling smoothness and speed that is necessary to get anywhere on the tarmac. Light Alex ACE-19 rims are fashioned from aluminium to keep in step with the strong, light frame. The seatpost is carbon and comes complete with the Zertz inserts which Specialized sticks on any bike which it wants to make more comfortable, which certainly works in this instance.

The Specialized Tricross Comp is a very well toned and honed machine, despite its essential act of fence-sitting, which allows it to bring the best elements from two different bike categories and make them work together. Off-road fun and on-road speed can be had in a single sitting, so this bike does not make you choose between the two.

Model: Specialized Tricross Comp
4 / 5 stars