Triathlons, also know as Ironman competitions, are becoming increasingly popular for both men and women. Whether an amateur or a professional, the correct clothing is essential.

With a triathlon event, the competitor needs to ensure that they choose the correct clothing so that they may achieve their sporting goals. As there are so many pieces of clothing for a triathlete to purchase, products should be a reasonable price. The clothing purchased should enhance training and performance.

Tri suits are becoming an important piece of clothing for a triathlon, keeping competitors warm during the swimming stage. A tri suit then also gives unrestricted movement during cycling and running stages. Tri suits are made of material which is suitable to swim in and it dries out fast. More expensive tri suits are designed to wick away sweat.

Traditionally, two piece top and shorts sets were worn for a triathlon. These are now only worn by the athletes who feel restricted in an all in one tri suit. The two piece does give the wearer more flexibility and allows them to be marginally cooler in hot weather.

Whether choosing a single suit or a two-piece, the clothing always needs to be tight fitting. This way, the clothing will keep its shape during the swimming stage and not be loose during the cycling event. Nevertheless, they should not be too tight so as to affect the athletes’ breathing. Wind jackets can also be purchased to give extra warmth during the cycling and running stages.

When competing in the cycling element of a triathlon, it is important that a visor is worn to protect eyes from the sun or wet weather. During this stage of the competition, footwear is an important consideration. It is important that the correct footwear is chosen to give ultimate ventilation and fast transitions between the different elements. When cycling, grip on the handlebars is also very important. Hands may be cold and wet after the swim. Ridge gloves are an ideal solution. Helmets are an important aspect of triathlon clothing. Helmets are now being designed to be lightweight and comfortable. The addition of air vents on top of the helmet ensures the wearers head does not get too hot and allows cool circulation.

As the name suggests, Ironman was predominantly a male sport. However, more and more women are becoming increasing interested in the event and as a result, there are companies who specialise in providing clothing and advice to women.

It is very important that the correct clothing is chosen for a triathlon event. Fusion provide a full range of cycling clothing providing comfort, durability and protection in all weather conditions. Full triathlon clothing has been specially developed to enhance the performance and comfort of triathletes at all levels. Compression products are a new, innovative idea. They are designed to enhance performance by reducing muscle vibration whilst increasing accuracy and efficiency of movement. A lot of research has gone into developing products to offer comfort and support for all training activities.