Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 Review

The Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 family of road bikes is made up of a number of stylish, well built models, each of which is surprisingly affordable when you consider its pedigree. Race-ready geometry and excellent components defines the entire range, so here is a quick look at the different bikes and what they have to offer.

The Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 2300 is the entry level bike in this range, bringing a PG alloy frame to the tablet and combining this with a specially tailored carbon fork, which is a welcome addition thanks to its strong, light construction and vibration-absorbing capabilities. The Shimano 2300 drivetrain and brakes are equipped alongside the Reparto Corse wheelset, seatpost, stem and handlebars. You also get the Active Saddle from Bianchi to improve your comfort while still allowing you to power on smoothly.

The next step up the performance ladder is afforded by the Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Sora, which features a triple butted 7000 series hydroformed alloy frame and the same carbon fork as its cheaper sibling. You get Shimano Sora gearing and RC-471 brakes as well as improved Hutchinson Nitro tyres to give you great grip in the wet and fast rolling momentum in the dry.

The Xenon is the next bike out of the blocks, retaining the frame of the Sora but this time swapping out the Shimano components in favour of Campagnolo Xenon kit, hence the name. Hutchinson Equinox and a San Marco Ponza Power Saddle show you that the extra money has been well spent.

If you want to stick with Shimano equipment then the Nirone 7 Tiagra is a good choice. As well as the 7000 series alloy frame and carbon fork you get most of the Tiagra groupset designed for compact road bikes. The tyres and saddle, along with the other components, are shared with the Xenon.

The Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Veloce sits at the head of the table, taking full advantage of the excellent frame geometry available here in order to put the rider in a seated position which will aid with power transfer and improve performance whether you are training or racing for real. The alloy frame also lends itself to covering long distances without leaving the rider overly taxed, because efficiency of energy expenditure has been worked into its design. One of the impressive aesthetic aspects of the frame is the fact that it has been created in order to mimic the look of a carbon alternative without actually employing this expensive material. Smooth welding means it is tough to see the joins and in all this improves the stance of the bike. On a technical side the Campagnolo Veloce drivetrain is light and allows you to be frugal with your pedalling but still maintain your forward motion.

Bianchi has done an excellent job with the current crop of VIA Nirone 7 road bikes and so both racers and long distance riders will be able to take advantage of their latest and greatest offerings.