Cannondale is one company for which perfection, innovation and performance are primary focus. It is not a company that betters its products with fancy welding and accessories, it is about building a bike in which all parts function as a single unit giving the rider the best experience on the planet.

Cannondale was founded on a loft over a pickle making factory, not a lot of people know that, or care probably!

Back in 1983, Cannondale introduced a touring bike and a road bike, then a mountain bike in 1984. Cannondale was a pioneer in using handcrafted aluminum frames when the industry had more or less settled on steel as the standard. The lighter and flex resistant aluminum frames became popular across the industry very soon.

Today Cannondale boasts of mountain bikes that have won over a dozen World Championships, and race bikes that have made a mark in some of the biggest races in the biking circuit, including the small one in France.

The benefits of Cannondale road bikes is simple, built on a strong history and trusted reputation, Cannondale bikes offer their users many benefits. The bikes are based on designs that deliver on performance and comfort. It is not a design made to just look good, but also to feel good while riding it. The bikes are confluence of well researched, performance oriented design with aesthetically good looks. The bikes are made for the best biking experience. It is not overloaded with traditional designs and ideas like many other manufacturers do. It is all about biking in the modern environment.

You can find a Cannondale bike for any biking need, be it road racing, mountain racing or just recreation in urban setup. Given the unique needs of females, Cannondale also has a range of Feminine bikes in all categories.

Besides the bike another aspect that really made Cannondale so popular are its stylish and contemporary accessories. Jerseys, shorts, arm warmers, headband, caps and gloves; name it and you have a classy product from Cannondale.

Lastly you get a wide range of bicycle gear like locks, lights, pumps, tools, bags and host of parts for the cycles. Truly Cannondale supplies the biker everything one needs for great cycling experience. Cannondale can give you the complete package in style and quality like very few other brands can.