BMX Parks in East Midlands are to be found in one of the following areas; Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, City of Peterborough, Burton upon Trent, and Staffordshire.

Bulwell Outlaws BMX Race Club

Bulwell Outlaws is one BMX facility in the East Midlands. It is located on Sellers Wood Drive in Bulwell, Nottingham. This park is a great place for kids to learn how ride their BMX bikes. It is officially called the Bulwell Outlaws BMX Race Club. This is Nottingham’s only BMX park so you better get familiar with it. It is closely affiliated with the British Cycling Federation. The website has ample club news, event profile information, results of tournaments and other races, articles, a picture gallery, directions, contact information, and links. This club hosts more BMX racing events than any other club in the county so if you’re a BMX rider and you live in Nottingham, you’re in luck. Club races are a great place for people to learn how to ride, and this BMX park specializes in getting people initiated in learning how to ride. Beginners, newbies, novices, and neophytes are all at home here, and there is a cheap price to join up. The membership form costs just 3 pound to get started and hook into the best club in the country.

Markeaton Park

Markeaton Park is a premiere BMX park in Derbyshire. It has over 200 acres of golf, putting, boating, fishing, swimming, karting, cricket, football, skateboark, crafts, and BMX facilities.

Mablethorpe Skate & BMX Park

Mablethorpe Skate Park is the premiere skate park in Lincolnshire. It is located on Quebec Road. The Skatepark Committee in Mablethorpe, inconjunction with the local council made sure this park was possible. This was just one example of the City Council supporting the community. It is also called Mabo Sk8 for short, and its website name follows suit. The plan was to develop a place in the local area for children to chill out and develop socially. It was going to be a central place for the Youth Service and the Police Force to develop positive connections with the people there. These popular sporting activities were going to be directed righat children in a healthy and safe environment that is good for young people. The local club was to be formed that would provide the equipment to youngsters that were unable to provide their own equipment The catchment radius would be up to 80 miles. The nearest comparable facility is Petersborough.

There is also a BMX park at Staffordshire called Mount Pleasant Park. The children living near the area requested the track because they wanted something to ride on that would be more fun than off-road biking.