Chris Boardman rides road bikes, right? Wrong. I’m not saying that just because he’s brought out a range of Mountain Bikes, I happen to live in the same part of the Wirral as Chris and have seen him riding a MTB many times. In fact, he’s Patron of the Wirral Bikeathon and completes the ride on a mountain bike.

So Chris brings personal experience to this range of bike. The Boardman brand’s slogan is quick, sharp, strong. It also has alternative slogans like fast, light, agile. Furthermore, it has super-quick, light, responsive. In addition, it has tough, responsive, aggressive. Basically, they have a phrase for everything!

Whatever the marketing speak, Boardman mountain bikes are high quality and designed & tested in the UK, with strict quality controls in place to ensure that they are up to par.

Some of the enhancements are custom butted and cautiously profiled tubing along with a spec component package that is based on the world’s leading brands, and you come out with a bike that is very versatile that is just as good on the race track as it is on the trails. That is not something you can say for all bikes. Boardman bikes have everything required for single track suspension with the most careful geometry and a refined suspension system for a responsive handling no matter what. Whether you’re climbing up or technically descending, this bike has got you covered.

The super-charged hydraulic braking system is powerful, and the bike performs on whatever range you’re on. The frame is a lightweight 4 bar linkage system with full suspension and a 120 mm travel with butted tubing design. The rear shock, fork, gearing, brakes, chainset, wheels, and finishing kit are also all innovative. The price comes in at just 850 pounds, and you can buy them online too (see below). Boardman have won many awards. Their top-selling bike is the Comp. It gets a 9 out of 10 rating because it is a stunning bike for the price that is light, agile, and fun to ride. Other mountain bikes don’t give you that suspension on a budget.

The Team bike is slightly more expensive. In a very innovative way, you can close or open the specs and show them separately from the main bike profile page. This has a smooth, well-balanced, and highly responsive frame, and it won an award from What Mountain Bike magazine.

Another one of their bike models is the Pro. It is the most expensive at £1,299, and it has won three awards. This is one of the best-value all-around trail bike on the market. Boardman also have a limited edition mountain bike but that is now sold out.

Boardman Bikes is a British cycle manufacturer that was founded, like many other bike companies, by a professional cyclist called Chris Boardman. His name has a naturally iconic ring for producing the brand awareness necessary to the promotion of his product.

Boardman sells bikes for all levels of riders. There were female bikes added to the line in 2010. There are four sponsorships currently of people that include Alistair Brownlee, Hollie Avil, Jonathan Brownlee, and Will Clarke. Chris Boardman has a methodical and technological approach to racing that has won him the Olympics, and he won it on his infamous Lotus 108 bike.