BMC sponsor many elite racing teams around the world, but one of them in particular is the, unoriginally named, BMC racing team. This team is an American UCI Professional Continental cycling team, and it focuses on the sport of road racing. The actual founder was Jim Ochowitz. The team has signed a number of world champions. BMC is a Swiss company that is active in the competitive racing circuit as far as sponsorships go.

BMC also sell mountain bikes. Some of its mountain bikes include fourstroke FS01, speedfox SF01, speedfox SF02, speedfox SF03, trailfox TF01, trailfox TF02, supertrail ST01, supertrail ST02, teamelite TE02, teamelite TE03, teamelite TE04, teamelite TE05, blast BL01, blast BL24, and blast BL20. BMC also sell hybrid bikes. Unlike other bike companies, there are extensive pictures of each bike in vivid detail that shows thumbnails with active windows showcasing the latest bikes.

There are charts for specifications, geometry, technology, links to the catalogue and team clothing too. Some of the features of these mountain bikes include core stiffness, advanced pivot system, tuned compliance concept, natural born postmount, and there is even a great picture of the frameset on every bike. The website features information about the bikes, technology behind them, BMC racing team, athletes, services, clothing, dealers, and contact information. The Swiss precision behind every bike is astounding, and the company proudly boasts that it doesn’t leave any of its riders out in the cold. The company was founded just a short time ago in 1986. It held the license for building, marketing, and distributing Raleigh bikes throughout Switzerland.

The company sells about 22,000 bikes per year, and it only has about 50 employees. The actual brand of BMC was started in 1994 as BMC for Bicycle Manufacturing Company. The company innovated in 2000 with innovative mountain bikes with innovative suspension systems based on VPS, or a virtual pivot system. BMC first distributed its bike internationally in 2003. In 2004, it came out with the fastest bike in the Athens Olympic time trial. The bike was honored with several design prizes in 2005. In 2006, BMC opened the doors to further brands in the future.

BMC Bikes come in such colours as shark, black, titanium, smoke, sky, white, and midnightblue. These bikes look like designer bikes, and they can function on mountains or roads with racing speeds due to their unique suspension systems.

These bikes are incredible, and the rise of their brand in so short a duration of time is testament to the innovation of their bikes. Some of the mountainroad bikes include carborazor CRZ, alpenchallenge AC01, alpenchallenge AC02, streamer STR01 men, stream STR01 lady, streamer STR02 men, streamer STR02 lady, crossfire CF01 men, and crossfire CF01 lady. These bikes are incredible engineering feats, but they are more astounding in terms of design.

Bike: BMC
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