Cinelli bikes are one of the best examples of Italian perfection in cycling. Like some other big names from Italy, Cinelli builds on the brains of a cycling champion who decided to share his innovative thinking with the world to give them best in class cycles to ride in all road conditions.

Cino Cinelli was a professional cyclist for seven years. He had an illustrious career with victories in some of the well-known races in Europe. He won the Tour of the Apennines in 1937, Giro di Lombardia in 1938 and Milan – San Remo in 1943. He had a keen interest in the mechanics of bicycles and had many ideas around making them ride better.

However, despite his success in professional riding and his innovative ideas, he could not get cycle manufacturers to implement his idea. So he decided to create his own company and make cycles based on his designs. This gave rise to Cinelli cycles.

Cinelli’s brilliance comes to fore when you look at the aspects of modern cycling that the company pioneered in the market. The handle bars that are common in almost all modern cycles was a creation of Cinelli. Saddles with plastic frame, foot clips and quick release pedals are some other great innovations that Cinelli brought to the market.

In 1978, Cinelli sold the cycling company to Antonio Colombo who owned a steel tubing company. Since then the popularity and reach of Cinelli cycles has grown exponentially. Today, Cinelli cycles boast of winning 28 gold medals in Olympics and other World championships.

In 1997, Cinelli became a division of Gruppo SpA with joint ownership of Colombus. Today many people compare Cinelli in cycling world to Ferrari in motorcars.

Cinelli sells bikes and part accessories under its brand name. While many other cycle companies spread their presence into all kinds of cycling needs, Cinelli sticks to racing as its primary focus. Under 9 brand names it manufactures several cycle models each built with a unique technology and different material to give the riders the best riding experience in professional racing on any terrain. The frames range from light aluminium to carbon fibre make.

The best part for the top performance of Cinelli road bikes is the frame. With Cinelli selling frames separately, you can get one of the frames and build your own cycle in your garage too. Get the lightness and toughness of Cinelli to match up to your creativity and build some great cycles to race.

In terms of the accessories, you can get yourself the bar handles that Cinelli pioneered decades ago. With the latest and the best designs and material, the Cinelli bar handles are ideal for someone building a cycle. Besides this, there are handle extensions, bottle cages, and even checkpoints which are means to measure your heart rates to monitor your status when you are racing hard.