Specialized Venge Pro & Expert Review

At the higher reaches of the Specialized road range, you will find the Specialized Venge Pro and Expert, both of which come from impeccably good stock. The Venge Expert is a rung below the Venge Pro in terms of price and performance and so I will try to cover both as thoroughly as possible so that you know which is the best option for you.

Both the Expert and the Pro editions of the Venge use the same FACT 10r carbon frame, which delivers exceptional stiffness and ensures that you can compete against other bikes of this calibre on the tarmac when it comes to speed and acceleration. The frame geometry has been redesigned in order to minimise the drag when you are slicing through the air and it also accounts for the impact of side winds which might otherwise compromise your forwards momentum. The bikes also share a carbon fork, which mirrors the stiffness and light weight of the frame while ensuring that there is just enough flexibility to allow it to soak up vibrations from the road below the wheels without passing them on to the rider.

Specialized Venge Pro & Expert Bike Specifications

The major differences between the Venge bikes can be seen in the type of components with which they are equipped. The cheaper Venge Expert features Shimano Ultegra kit, featured alongside rims, hubs and spokes from the Rovial Rapide AL 45 range. Meanwhile the Venge Pro gets the full Shimano Dura-Ace treatment across the gears & brakes and Rovial Rapide EL 45 equipment for the wheels. Similar differences are present in the tyres, with the Expert featuring Specialized Turbo Elite tyres with BlackBelt protection technology while Pro has the Turbo Pro edition from the same product range.

When you cut through all of the technical jargon and different component families, the real difference between the Specialized Venge Expert and Pro will be noticeable as soon as you get them out on the open road. The Pro is just that bit lighter than its sibling and the collective experience of using a better quality of component will be obvious every time you change gear or brake. Of course the Expert is still an incredibly capable cycle which will be more than a match for serious riders who want to take it for a spin in competitive conditions, but if you have the budget and the skill then the Pro has some clear benefits.

From an aesthetic point of view the two Venge models are relatively different although both designed with plenty of style for 2012. The Expert features a red and grey frame while the Pro is all about the black and white contrasts, right down to the detailing on the rims. Each is completed to a high quality and it is obvious that precision is an important part of building a road bike if you want it to consistently perform at the hands of its owner while still eliciting excitement when they are taking it out for a spin.