Some of the mountain bikes made by Cove include the Shocker DH, STD, Hooker, G-Spot, Hustler XC, Stiffee FR, Foreplay MX, Sanchez, Hummer XC, and Handjob XC. Surely, these can’t be the actual names of the bikes, I hear you ask. Google them if you don’t believe me.

These distinguishing names help raise awareness for the bikes and promote the Cove brand as something unusual and unique. Let’s take a look at the Shocker. The shocker is named after a distinctive hand gesture with a sexual connotation. But putting that aside, let’s look at the bike itself. The bike comes in team blue, team orange, white, black, green, and red. These bikes are built for major speed and amplitude.

The shocker has dual link suspension for the roughest rides on the toughest trails. This bike can take corners and rail them. It was recently reviewed favourably by three magazines; Mountain Biking Magazine, MBUK and Decline Magazine. Profiles for Cove bikes feature geometry & specs, frame component specs, and shock specs.

Another Cove bike, is called the Handjob, which is one of the more popular bikes. If you think about it, the handjob has a double meaning here because the handlebars are so comfortable and good to be gripped. The paint job on the handjob is designed to last forever, and there is a sloping tube geometry that is not apparent in their other bikes. I think we’ll stop there. This bike comes in orange, pearl white, pearl black, and pearl red. Some of its technological standout features include xc, a custom drawn tange prestige tubing made out of cromoly, a machined headtube with socket styple dropouts that really gets the job done, a bottle opener sidc mount, and a proven system of north shore xc geometry. The team that Cove bikes sponsors is the Cove Bikes Factory Team, Privateer and Grassroots Riders, and its network of global support that includes riders from countries all around the world. Its blog features information and videos from some of its core riders, testing videos, and trip videos that showcase the ways that riders all over the country are using Cove bikes, especially the riders sponsored by Cove. For instance, Cove Bikes signs new riders every day, and they regularly feature profiles of their new riders that include pictures, quotes, and other interview information pertinent to the Cove mission.

Cove bikes appeals more to the younger riders because their bike names are so raunchy, and their riders are more apt to do the extreme tricks that appeal to younger people. Even though many Cove riders ride on the mountain, they are free to perform the wildest tricks out there off hills, cliffs, and descents with the Cove mountain bikes unique propensity to handle these types of tricks compared to other mountain bikes which act more like street bikes.