The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a bicycle company based in Nottingham, UK. It is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world, founded in 1887. They even made three-wheel cars and motorcycles from 1929 to 1935. Eventually, this became the Reliant Company.

Raleigh has had several expansions and mergers along the way. There was also reorganization and new ownership. Raleigh produces a whole line of bikes like road, hybrid, comfort, mountain, cruiser, women, and youth. They are probably best known for their kids bikes.

Raleigh bikes still use steel in a lot of bikes unlike their competitors which seem to be transitioning to carbon for everything. Their reason stated is heritage, and that is because that is how bikes have always been done, and Raleigh is sticking with that. Their decision to butt the system in this way is just one of the reasons why Raleigh is sticking out compared to other bike companies.

Raleigh’s line of mountain bikes includes Talus 29, Talus Sport 29, Talus 8.0, Talus 5.0, Talus 4.0, Talus 3.0, Talus 2.0, Eva 8.0, Eva 4.0, Eva 3.0, Eva 2.0, and others. All these are due out in 2011. They also have a 2010 mountain bike range, 2009 mountain bike range, and 2008 mountain bike range.

Raleigh uses mostly Shimano components on its bikes, but this is not a negative because most bike manufacturers use Shimano components. They are the best in the industry and by far the most widely used. They are responsible for the components of 90% of mountain bikes.