Cube is a popular brand of bikes from Germany. With over 70 models of cycles for all ages, sexes and terrain, you can always get a Cube to fit your needs. Cube is a company at the cutting edge of innovation looking to deliver nothing but the best in material, design and quality to its customers. The foundation of Cube’s quality is its Innovation centre. There are some outstanding technologies being developed and implemented to deliver the best solutions. Here are some of them.

Frame Technology: The frame of the cycle is a critical component in its performance. Be it longevity, speed, resistance to shocks or rider comfort the frame plays a vital role in the bicycle. The frames rely depend a lot on the kind of intended usage. A trail bike needs a different design and material than a mountain bike. A female rider has different demands from the frame than a male rider or a kid. With 12 different frame designs, Cube is able to address the needs of its users.

Materials: The frame material decides how flexible, tough and light the cycle finally is. Cube uses 6 different kinds of tempered heavy duty Aluminium material to deliver the right frame for the right kind of biking.

Surface Treatment: There is nothing more important for a great looking bike than to retain that great visual impact for long even after rough use in rugged terrain. This is why Cube uses four surface treatment techniques to give the cycle the right finish based on the expected use. The techniques are: anodized, laser design, powder and wet paint.

Cube manufactures top quality cycles for all kinds of use and terrain. The full suspension models are perfect for cross country biking, marathon riding and mountainous terrain. The frame, design and stability to weight ratio on these bikes are ideal for such activities. The hard tail models are designed for racing in marathons and World cup competitions.

The Road models are designed to give most pressure on the pedals to maximize the forward propulsion on the roads giving the rides smooth and fast rides on the flat roads. The light and lean design means it is not bulky to handle too. The Tour models are designed for off road biking paths as well as regular road biking.

Besides, Cube also has bikes in all the above mentioned category, specially designed for women and kids too. The smallest kid models also come with training wheels to allow the child to learn to ride on their own without any help.

Among the accessories, Cube comes with a wide range of T-shirts, jackets, jerseys and shorts for men and women. You also have a choice of gloves, socks, bottles, cages and bags to choose from. Besides these accessories, you have many parts like the handle bars, tires, grips and grip tapes that you can get from Cube. All these will help you get the most out of your cycle and enjoy the bike for a long time.