Cycling Magazines are a great source of news & info on what’s happening in the cycling world. They frequently contain news from manufacturers, events info, race results and reviews of new products.

As you would imagine, there are a wide range of magazines covering all forms of cycling. Here are just a few;

  • Cycling Plus Magazine
  • Mountain Biking Magazine
  • Procycling Bike Magazine
  • What Mountain Bike Magazine
  • Triathlon Plus Bike Magazine
  • Guide to Commuting
  • Total Bike Repair & Maintenance
  • Tour de France Guide

Cycling Magazines

If you are interested in cycling then getting a few really good bike magazines is essential. Most cycling magazines offer subscriptions, which are usually a lot cheaper than buying the mag from the newsagent every month. Just like runners, gymnasts, and almost all sports have specific magazines, there are a number of magazines that focus just on bikes.

One such magazine is Mountain Biking magazine. Mountain biking is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, and there is a ton of information about event coverage, fitness information, technical information, bike test, and product review too. The magazine is published by one of the top UK magazine publishing houses and as such, quality is high.

Another magazine is Cycling Plus Magazine. This mag is excellent and is focussed on road cycling.

Cycling magazines provide invaluable info on what’s happening in the industry. Mags are often just a few pounds but as I mentioned, are often cheaper with monthly subscriptions.

BMX magazines will include tips, tricks, and secrets to help you with your everyday cycling. MTB magazines have featured trails, road bike magazines have their route equivalent. There are articles on the leading cyclists, cycle manufacturers and everything you’d ever want to know, and more.

Another good magazine is Dirt Bike, and it features a low price and lots of information. The magazine is targeted to off-road cyclists with a special emphasis on the recreational and competitive aspects of cycling. There is also a section on do-it-yourself maintenance and riding tips for being out on the go.

The Bicycle Times is also a pretty cool magazine. It is dedicated to helping out people that are just riding for the first time, and these people may or may not be occasional riders or seasoned riders. They place an emphasis on urban commuters, and they have a strong emphasis on illustrations and editorial content. It is geared toward the more urban and sophisticated rider. The people who put it out are the same ones that created Dirt Rag. This is basically aimed at the person who commutes, who cycles with their family, and who uses their bicycle as a form of transportation. The articles are informative, entertaining, and appealing to those who love biking in a way that is post-recreational. Biking is part and parcel to real life here.