Bionicon is a bike manufacturer from Germany, and they are the inventor of the pneumatic geometry adjustment to first be used in mountain bikes. It received an award for innovative products in 2000. The travel adjustment is the innovation that the company is most known for. No other company on the market offers a complete travel adjustment. Bionicon makes it clear that there are better race bikes and there are better downhill bikes, but none are as good at both as Bionicon. Bionicon says it is the very best up-n-down.

The category of bikes they offer for mountain bikes is listed under the name of backcountry mountain. The slogan statement of Bionicon is that they live, sleep, eat, and breathe mountain bikes. Some of their models include Golden Willow, Golden Willow SC, Frequency, Edison, Edison LTD, Edison LTD. Grace, Tesla, Super Shuttle, Super Shuttle FR, and Ironwood. There are unique graphic bards next to each bike model that show what each bike is particularly good for like marathon / race, cross country / trail, all mountain, endure, and freeride. There are all kinds of colors of mountain bikes like black, white, silver, blue, brown, and others that showcase the diverse design talent on Bionicon. Each bike has unique slogans next to it like light, fast, and sportive, or if you think there’s a better way, find it.

One review of the Bionicon Edison includes pros like unusual suspension system, versatile styling, light weight design, and excellent frame geometry. Some of its downsides, however, include not the best choice for heavy riders, expensive, and tough to handle. Those are all negatives for the inexperienced rider that is just getting into the sport. The above quote comes from the Edison model of bike that is available on the Bionicon website. The Edison is a good choice for people who don’t know what they’re going to go up against for terrain. The hydraulic disk brakes and full suspension are a plus. It has several proprietary components and a push-button suspension system. However, it has several other non-proprietary parts from manufacturers like Oro and Sram.

Bionicon is clearly an innovator in mountain bike design, at least from the perspective of designing a well-rounded mountain bike. This bike performed well under extreme riding conditions, and there were several variants on its usefulness compared to other mountain bikes, but this one performed the best in a well-rounded way. The bike is a lightweight piece of awesome technology coming in at just 30 pounds with every feature stocked and included. The bike itself is extremely lightweight and fun to use even on the toughest terrain. This bike performed well under the best conditions, and it performed under the most arduous conditions whereas other bikes could just perform under one condition or another.

Bionicon supports one of the most successful mountain biking teams in Germany, and they are one of the best mountain biking sponsors in Germany. They also sell all sorts of riding wear, especially geared toward women. It is sporty, classy, and stylish, unlike other racing wear that is merely athletic in nature.