Mythic offers the highest-quality Mountain Bike frames for the progressive rider. The company is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Mythic Bikes are designed and created by a team of highly experienced frame builders and riders. With a huge passion for the sport of cycling, Mythic strives to produce firm, steadfast and original bikes, and to provide top customer service in the industry. Customers can purchase a frame and build their bike themselves, or they can purchase a custom build through exclusive Mythic importer Freeborn Bikes.

Mythic sells eight models of mountain bikes, the newest of which is the Spitfire trail-bike. The Spitfire is built for aggressive trail riders who require a twist-free, sturdy frame that will let them power up the steepest climbs, hit the singletrack and blast down through rough descents. The Spitfire possesses a virtual pivot trail suspension frame with adjustable geometry, something unusual for this type of bike.

Other Mythic Bikes

The AMP: an aluminum-alloy, 26″ specific hardtail frame for dirt jumping, street, the skatepark, 4X racing, or the bike park. It can handle all a cyclist’s freeride demands. The hydro-formed 7005 tubeset means this bike has a low weight of 4.4 pounds, while remaining very tough. AMP is available in short and long sizes.

The RAMPANT: a short-travel 4″ freeride suspension frame for 4X racing, slopestyle, dirt jumping, the bike park, and even trail riding. RAMPANT is also made with hydro-formed 7005 tubeset for a low weight of 7lb. RAMPANT can be built very light for 4X racing or built with tougher parts for freeriding. It’s an exceptionally swift bike and, in the hands of an experienced rider, can soar like a missile.

The WILDCARD: is Mythic’s mid-travel 5″- 6.5″ freeride suspension frame. Wildcard is the perfect do-everything bike for the progressive rider. The hydro-formed 7005 tubeset means a low weight of 9.2lb including the Fox DHX Air shock. However, WILDCARD is the most adaptable Mythic frame. Cyclists can choose their build to suit their needs. A WILDCARD can be built weighing from 32 pounds up to 40 pounds, depending on fork, shock, wheels, and finishing kit. A faux-bar suspension running on sealed ball bearings means it’s outstandingly tough and low-maintenance.

The SCYTHE: is Mythic’s long-travel 7″-8″ freeride suspension frame. The SCYTHE is perfect for stunting and tough trails. The SCYTHE replaced the SCREAM model, weighing in 2 pounds lighter due to its more modern engineering. Scythe has adjustable rear travel and adjustable geometry with ‘freeride’ and ‘downhill’ setups for cyclist preference.

The VIENTO: is Mythic’s premium-quality, all-mountain hardtail frame. VIENTO is capable of taking on the most atrocious mountain trails, while still being light enough for racing. VIENTO replaced the Mythic SCIROCCO. VIENTO is more comfortable with restructured geometry. And while this bike might look plain, the VIENTO has a magnificent ride quality and remarkable handling.

The RUNE: a 6″ travel all-mountain suspension frame made for epic adventures across the world’s roughest mountain trails. The RUNE has a low weight of 8lb including the Fox DHX air shock. It also comes standard with pedal-friendly virtual pivot suspension. The RUNE can be built light for all-mountain journeys, or tougher for freeride and bike park use.

The LEGEND MK2: is Mythic’s World Cup quality, downhill racing suspension frame. The LEGEND is made for riders seeking the fastest route down the craziest downhill runs. After four years in development the LENDEND is soon to be made available to the public.