Orange Mountain Bikes began in the UK in 1988. They offer downhill, freeride, all-mountain, suspension trail, and hardtail bikes. Their downhill models, the 224-evolution World Cup and the 224-evolution Race are designed and built for off-the-peg downhill speed and competition victory at every level. At the heart of the 224-evolution lies especially stiff but lightweight front and rear ends, joined by their distinctively reliable and slop-free, oversized, single-pivot assembly. These models have been praised by world champion racers for their simplicity and speed.

The freeride models, the Apine 160 and the Blood, offer versatility, reliability and amazing speed and agility no matter the terrain or gradient the cyclist may encounter. Their all-mountain bike, however, the Five AM, is the bridge between their original Five design and the Alpine 160. A harder riding version of the iconic trail model Five, the Five AM is meant for larger-than-life climbs and petrifying descents.

The suspension trail bikes come in several varieties, most notably Five Pro, meant for pro-level experienced riders. However, other suspension trail options are also available, including the Five S, the ST4 S, the ST4 Pro, the ST4 SE, and debuting in October of 2010, the Five SE. The Five SE is a much awaited arrival, as it boasts extra features on the suspension and the best componentry, earning this version of the Five the “Special Equipment” (SE) tag.

Perhaps Orange’s most diverse line-up is their hardtail bikes. These bikes are available in aluminium—the G4, G3, and G2; light-weight cro-mo steel—the R8 S and the R8 Pro; hardcore cro-mo steel—the P7 S and the P7 Pro; hardcore aluminium—the Crush; and a jump/4X version—Miii. All of these bikes are designed for performance, trail riding, speed, and agility.

Orange also offers a line of women’s bikes. The Orange Divas come in three types: the Diva, the Diva Pro, and Five Diva Pro. All of Orange Mountain Bikes’ women’s bikes are based on original Orange Bike concepts, with altered components to better suit a woman’s anatomy to riding. Orange Mountain Bikes is not the only company to offer bikes based on this principal. They are however one of the few that keep the women’s bikes astonishingly similar to the traditional male designs. There are no frills or fluff, just pure mountain bike for women who like racing, riding, and battling trails.

While Orange Mountain Bikes does not produce a kids’ line of bicycles, they do produce children’s clothing, which is sold in their online store. Cyclists and enthusiasts will also find adult apparel, bike components, accessories, and even Team Downhill shirts, for those wishing to represent Orange Mountain Bikes’ sponsored race team. You can order a bike, or just the frame online as well. In addition, Orange provides a dealer locator as well, for those cyclists who need to view a bike in person and get a feel for the quality product Orange Mountain Bikes manufactures.