Salsa Cycles has a design that is radically different from other bike companies. Salsa’s slogan is adventure by bike. If you are someone who is really interested in getting the most adventure and excitement from your bike them you could consider the Salsa mountain bikes as they are one of the best ranges that are available.

Some Salsa components include accessories, brake levers, chainrings, collars, forks, grips & bar tape, mountain handlebars, rims, road handlebars, seatposts, skewers, and stems. There is also apparel like jerseys, women’s jerseys, team gear, t-shirts & socks, and accessories.

There is a complete bike and frame range sold by the Salsa company the 26 inch, 29 inch, and 700c. The models in the 26 inch category are Mukluk, Ala Carte, El Kaboing, and Ala Carte Ti. The models in the 29 inch category are El Mariachi, Big Mama, Dos Niner, Mamsita, Fargo, El Mariachi Ti, and Selma. The 700c models are Vaya, Chili Con Crosso, Podio, Pistola, Casseroll Double, Casseroll Single, and La Cruz Ti. These innovative names showcase the innovative bikes behind them. The names are distinctly influenced by Central America and South America.

The El Mariachi Ti, for instance, sells the frame only, along with the Ala Carte Ti and La Cruz Ti. The Ti suffix indicates that the bike is only sold with the frame and not the bike itself. Let’s take a look at the Mukluk, a bike with one the funniest names around. The Mukluk is Salsa’s bike for handling the snow. All mountain bikes have to go in the snow sometimes because the mountains concentrate large amounts of snow. On snowy singletrack trails, snowmobile trails, and snow-covered waters, there is no better bike than the Mukluk. The Mukluk’s tires are all about floatation.

Even the frame geometry is chosen for snow riding. It can ride well at a slow speed without giving up any of the handling at a faster speed. Many features of the Mukluk like the headtube, standover height, and low bottom bracket height ensure that you can put a foot down when you need to. You can ride the snow, whether it is hard and frozen or cold and powder-like. You can take in the beauty of a forest blanketed in snow on the Mukluk. It is even blue so you can get the clue that is a bike built for the snow. Everything about the bike screams that it is for snow. All of Salsa’s bikes have a signature look or signature purpose. The Casseroll Single is a simple bike that gets you to where you want to go quickly. Each bike is designed for something different at Salsa.