Scott Spark 29 Pro Bike Review

This year Scott has gone all-out to make the Spark 29 Pro mountain bike as adaptive and sympathetic to individual riders needs as possible. This is intended to minimise fiddling and maximise the on-the-fly alterations you can make to ensure that your bike is ready to face all conditions, from a downhill sprint to an uphill slog. The Pro sits below the Scott Spark 29 RC in regard to price but comfortably alongside it with regard to capability & specifications.

In keeping with its prestigious title and heritage the Scott Spark 29 Pro features a full carbon frame which is very light and entirely manageable in most situations. Lightness does not automatically indicate a lack of strength and this is certainly the case here, while the intelligent frame geometry means that it will leave you well prepared for terrains of varying complexities.

Scott Spark 29 Pro 2012 Bike Specifications

The meat of the Spark 29 Pro is in the full suspension setup. At the rear you get the Scott DT Nude2 which is specifically designed for this particular range of bike, so you can be sure that there is nothing else out there like it. This rear shock has a total of three modes which you can switch between, offering you maximum control. The front sees the ever popular RockShox SID forks, in this case, the SID 29 RL3 which offer 100mm travel. You can go for a total lockout and choose 0mm as the travel on this shock if you want to put maximum power down on tricky climbs, or go for a middling 70mm as and when it is appropriate. The Rockshox fork has a familiar three mode setup and features a custom damper to add to the list of bespoke trimmings.

The obvious benefits of flexibility and adaptability which come with having real time control over the suspension are not the only improvements made by the 2012 Scott Spark 29 Pro. The manufacturer has worked hard to ensure that each shock is smoother and more subtle in its operation than in previous generations and there should be no sagging or wallowing, which means you can accelerate faster however you are positioned. Of course each rider will be able to get to grips with the new bike on their own terms and find the most efficient way to use these adjustments, but no one can criticise Scott for including them.

By choosing the Pro edition of the Scott Spark 29 for 2012 you get the complete set of SRAM components on the drivechain, gears and shifters. Specifically, the SRAM X9 & X0 kit. The beautiful Avid Elixir 9RS disc brakes at the front and rear are carbon, making them very light and also far more durable than metallic alternatives. Meanwhile the Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evo tyres with Kevlar bead and pacestar compound are hardy and also quick without losing too much traction in the process. These sit on DT Swiss XR29 rims to complete the excellent range of components.

Anyone who gets on the new Scott Spark 29 Pro for the 2012 season after experiencing the previous generations of the bike will definitely notice some big differences. A stiffer frame, full lockout on the front and rear shocks and the essential lightness of the bike will make it feel like it is straining to burst out of the blocks and tackle almost any off road course.

Model: Scott Spark 29 Pro Mountain Bike
4.5 / 5 stars