Rocky Mountain Bicycles is a mountain bike manufacturer based in Canada, and the very first model was developed in 1978, and there were two British Columbians that started it. Rocky Mountain bikes are now widely used at the professional level by athletes of all sorts. It all started with a small bike store in Vancouver. The company was then instituted in 1981 formally. Rocky Mountain Bicycles has won Mountain Bike Magazine’s Mountain Bike of the Year three times consecutively. It won for three different races called the Hammer Race, the Element Race, and the Slayer. The main focus of Rocky Mountain is its mountain bikes, but it also produces other bikes.

Rocky Mountain also makes up to 14 road bikes and three mountain bike models especially adapted for women. Rocky Mountain also sponsors three cycling teams. Rocky Mountain’s website opens with a great image of the mountains and two people mountain biking over it. This shows Rocky Mountain’s exclusive focus on mountain biking. There are several different mountain bikes for sale on the Rocky Mountain website, much more so than other mountain bike manufacturers. These include the FS Cross Country, XC Marathon, Super XC, Cross Country, XC Recreational, Kids, Twenty Nine, Slopestyle, Gravity & Freeride, Dirt Jump & Street, Trail, and Frames.

The frames are sold separately and are distinct from the different mountain bike models. Rocky Mountain introduced its first mountain bikes in 2009, a little bit late compared to other bicycle manufacturers. The philosophy behind Rocky Mountain Bikes is that these bikes are for people who love to ride. Rocky Mountain Bikes recognizes that there are a million different types of bikes for a million types of riders, and they recognize this fact in their mountain bike models. They’ve made a myriad of bikes that suits a plethora of riders. They hand-build their bicycles. Let’s take a look at the FS Cross Country. Some of the best riders in the world have ridden these bikes including Geoff Kabush, Alison Sydor, and Marie-Helene Premont. All over the globe, people have proven the success of Rocky Mountain Bikes FS Cross Country design.

It is one of the most famous and longest lasting cross country brands on the market. Some of the versions of the FS Cross Country include Element Team, Element SE, Element 50 Tribal, Element 50, Element 30, Element 10, and Element Sport. All of these are slight variations on the essential FS Cross Country range. Let’s look into what the Element Team is all about. First of all, you can view pictures of the bike fullscreen or click through thumbnail photo galleries in a perfect order of elegance and visual sublimity.

There is a weathered tailored pattern underneath the bike that makes it easy to flip through pictures of the bike in style. It is beautiful in white and orange, and it really appears to shine underneath the light of the website which is in white color. Some of the factors that make the Element Team special are the engineered ride quality, attention to detail, and uncompromised quality.