Revolution bikes is a company that was started by four people people called Gareth, Mat, Tom, and Dan. These four men have been involved in cycling for a total of 50 years collectively. Gareth has had a competitive career in cycling for Great Britain and Wales for some time, and he has competed against several professionals including Tom Boonen, Andreas Kloden and Thomas Dekker. Gareth has skills in mathematics and mechanics that have made it easy for him to ascend to the top of the bike company marketplace. He advises on all sorts of things at the company including equipment choice, bike size, nutrition, and training. Mat has worked in several bike shops and has a practical knowledge of bikes. Tom has a more extreme interest in the sport, especially in the big tricks that really draw big audiences. Dan joined the team recently, and he has a high level of mechanical skills that help him bring more aestheticism and precision to the role. Together they have made the amazing Revolution bike range.

Revolution sells bikes by Kuota, Cube, Merdia, Lapierre, Orange, Ridley, Sabbath, and Trek. Revolution serves more as a hub of other bikes than as a manufacturing center for their own bikes. They work closely with the business community to provide bikes for local businesses and causes, and they are always at work on creating new outlets for their custom bikes. Revolution has an extensive workshop where they pride themselves on the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. The full equipped workshop onsite provides the benefit of many years of experience in both mountain and road bikes. You can just pop in and take your bike into the workshop without an appointment, and they will work on it for you.

There are also demo bikes at the Revolution bike store that allow customers to come in and try out the bikes before they leave with one. The currently available bikes for demos are the Orange 5 Diva 14”, Trek remedy 8 18.5”, and Trek EX8 WSD 15.5”. You can test ride a number of different bikes, and you will have the opportunity to select the bike that appeals to you most. You’ll be able to see the different characteristics of suspension design. They also have custom fit technology that enables you to fit the shoe to your foot in the exact right way.

Revolution also has lots of sales going on continually with accessories in their shop from all sections of the cycling world. These brands offer high quality for the money, and they connect the cycling community through their store.

Revolution Bikes also sponsors local events and athletes. Revolution Bikes also stocks shimano cycling footwear for their customers, and they provide custom fit shoe fitting so they can be assured of giving their customers the best possible riding shoes. In totality, Revolution Bikes focuses all of their energies on assuring riders that they are fully taken care of and have the best bike possible, and that they maintain their bike in good condition too.