Ridgeback bikes is a British bicycle brand that is listed under the Madison Brand. This company also owns the Genesis and Saracen brands of bikes. The Ridgeback, interestingly enough, was first used in the 1980s during the mountain bike boom, and it is a name that has become synonymous with the mountain bike revolution. It was one of the first mountain bikes ever marketed in the United Kingdom, and it was a copy of existing American designs that had come out so far. The name, Ridgeback, was later used for a whole other range of bicycles that did not include higher specification models. Ridgeback believes that there’s no better time to get a bike, and Ridgeback has been around for 27 years.

They have an unparalleled reputation for innovation and quality. Ridgeback makes fast road bikes that can cope with tough terrain conditions that most mountain bikes can’t even handle. They even use gatorskin as the tires. You can forget public transport with the Ridgeback bikes. Ridgeback uses Shimano componenets for their bikes because it is such a highly respected brand. The frames are built to last with anti-corrosion treatment with electrostatic painting and a tough clear coat to brace against all the weathering that they’re apt to endure. The technology ensures that tougher and lighter materials are used.

Even the kids bikes are perfectly proportioned to fit the youngest riders. Many Ridgeback bikes have authorized stocklists where you can search by county, region, and postcode to find a place to help get a test ride. Ridgeback’s collection of mountain bikes are listed under the terrain category. Some of their mountain bikes include the MX5, MX4, MX3, MX200, MX3 open frame, MX200 open frame, MXK, and MXK open frame. There is a ton of rider feedback on the site so you can see all the positive reviews of people that have purchased Ridgeback mountain bikes. There are handy little icons for each separate area of the bike profile page like tech specs, stocklists, download pdf spec sheet, and print this page.

The MX4 is a slightly better bike with Maxxis Larsen tyres. On the Ridgeback website there are also customer reviews for this bike that enable you to see how the customers like it – so you can find out exactly what other people thought about the bike your considering buying. The MX3 is the lowest-priced model, and it is in a beautiful black colour that features some of the best sheen on the case of any bike case around. The MX200 is a slight upgrade on the other models available, and its price is still low enough to be affordable. It features an excellent frame and fork, transmission, wheels, brakes, and contact zone. Some of its features rival the best bikes that cost thousands of pounds more.