Rose mountain bikes started out as an internet-based mail order company, and they now design their own bikes and gear and distribute it through the whole of Europe. They’ve also been working on some new women’s models, and their range of mountain bikes covers everything from cross-country trails to full-on downhill races down steep cliffs and hills.

There’s something to suit every rider. They have cross-country, all-mountain, and endurance bikes that are perfectly suited to all different types of riders. These bikes are frequently tested on a singletrack called Lavigno as well as the Kona-Approved Bike Park. There is also a new bike that Rose just came out with called the The Janitor. They also have a bike called the Uncle Jimbo. This bike can descend and ascend with the best of other bikes. It is extremely fun going through the rocky mountains on a bike of this stature.

The frames are designed to work with the shocks, and the in-house geometry gurus can make everything connect together and work together fluidly so it all flows in one direction on one bike. That is the beauty of Rose making and manufacturing all their components inside their company instead of outsourcing it out to other companies.

They have a true advantage in making bikes that are more precisely integrated than other bikes. Rose sells all sorts of things besides mountain bikes like clothing, bike electronics, sports nutrition, forks, rear shocks, wheels, media, frames, shoes, set offers, bags / cases, bike parts, top offers, accessories, novelties, vouchers, and catalogues. Rose offers a plethora of things, mostly related to bikes. Let’s take a look at the Janitor in more detail. It is a black bike that looks more classy and serious than it is warranted to be.

In fact, it’s a fun bike to ride. The specifications, geometry, frame, custommade, and test results section are all available to see, and you can also configure your bike to your specifications. Rose is a mail-order company, and it can make the bike to your exact order details and then ship it out.