Scott Bikes is actually a sports company that has several entries in the biking world. They have a whole category dedicated to biking alongside wintersports, motosports, running, and apparel. As far as bikes go, they have mountain, road, hybrid, women’s junior’s, mountain frames, and road frames. They also have men’s apparel that includes bike wear, gloves, accessories, and lifestyle.

They have women’s apparel that includes the same, and junior’s apparel that just includes bike wear and gloves. Their footwear includes those for road, mountain, sport, and leisure. Their protection includes body protection and helmets. Their accessories include bags and eyewear. Their bike parts include urban concept, components, bottles, cages, locks, tools, pumps, protectors, grips, kickstands, carriers and tyres.

There is nothing you could possibly purchase related to bikes that Scott doesn’t have. They have a huge range of mountain bikes made of Ransom Carbon and Ransom Alloy. All the mountain bikes are designed for the harshest possible descents and for aggressive trail riding in technical circumstances. They should also be able to climb efficiently, be made of durable components, and be able to withstand abuse. Bikes of this nature are best designed and built by a company like Scott that can clearly differentiate between the different types of bikes and needs of users and doesn’t merely apply the same things to every user, bike, and situation.

Scott mountain bikes have a unique look that is minimalist and slim and looks incredible descending and ascending mountains. They are slightly different from the racing, trail, freeride, dirt/street, and women’s bikes that they are currently selling in their online marketplace. The Ransom 10 and Ransom 20 are the signature mountain bikes in the collection by Scott. The Ransom 10 has set a new benchmark for the all-mountain category by increasing the amount of travel it can withstand and reducing the weight.

There is a patented Equalizer TC that gives three modes of travel at your fingertips so you can decide on what level you want to place your bike at the touch of a button. This ensures that you are safe in all types of terrain. This feature really makes it clear that all-mountain is a category of its own outside of ordinary mountain bikes. The three different modes are lockout mode, traction mode, and full travel mode. There are amazing amounts of technology put into the Ransom 10.

There is an equalizer TC rear shock, CR1 carbon technology, traction control (tc) lever, Truvativ Hammerschmidt 20shift system, fully adjustable saddle height, co-developed suspension module (csm), and ids interchangeable dropout system. The geometry chart includes a fully understandable diagram with head angle, head tube length, effective top tube horizontal, seat angle, bb center to top of seattube, chainstay length, bb offset, standover height, stern length, and crankarm length.

There is also a decent specs sheet which gives you information on every main component of the bike and the price, which is substantial. The Ransom 20 is an even sexier design than the Ransom 10. It is slightly more expensive and features a different colour that looks grey, silver, and metallic. You can easily compare the Ransom 10 and 20 with a handy little chart they have.