Scott Spark 29 RC 2012

Arguably better than ever, the 2012 Scott Spark 29 RC sees some major changes which have improved various features. This is a full suspension bike that comes in at a premium price point and is thus equipped with some range-topping components. It is very light thanks to its carbon frame, but it is the adjustable suspension which will be turning heads.

100mm of travel is offered by the front forks when set to its maximum attainable level. However, the Scott DT Nude2 at the rear and the Rockshox SID 29 RLT3 Air at the front are designed to give the rider instant control over just how much travel is actually available. You can choose from one of three modes, ranging from full lockout to traction and finally all-terrain. This means that you can flick between them in an instant and always be prepared for whatever is facing you, even if you are not particularly familiar with the course or the conditions.

The Spark Carbon frame is stiffer and feels more robust this year than it has in the past. This further aids the efficiency with which you can climb slopes and tackle straights while still giving you the sympathetic absorption of a full suspension bike to fall back on when the more challenging, obstacle-laden downhill sections beckon. As you might expect the cables are routed internally so the frame looks sleek and Scott uses a moulding technique known as IMP5 in order to combine the five main components in a way that is simple yet solid.

Scott Spark 29 RC 2012 Bike Specifications

The list of the components found on the Scott Spark 29 RC reads like a who’s who of the world’s best manufacturers, showcasing some of the top kit around. The SRAM XX gearset, the Avid XX World Cup disc brakes, the DT Swiss XR-RS29 rims, Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evo tyres and the Ritchey Streem V2 WCS titanium saddle should get your mouth watering if you are into your bikes. Admittedly the 2012 Spark 29 RC is actually lacking a couple of features of its predecessor, namely the carbon wheels and the fork technology from DT Swiss. This might have been as a result of moneysaving measures, although you will not notice any adverse effects as a result of these omissions. If Scott are reading, care to comment on this?

Scott has made sure that the Spark 29 RC looks the part, with a black and white frame featuring touches of yellow detailing and subtle red elements highlighting the rims. Testament is paid to its lightweight nature thanks to the relatively sleek frame and any observer should immediately know that this is a bike which means business. It weighs just 10.4kg which makes it one of the lightest 29er bikes for 2012.

This new range-topping Scott Spark 29 RC is definitely deserving of its lineage and should be a suitable companion whether you are planning to take on a marathon event, a single stage or just a trek in your leisure time. It may not be for casual riders, but then it does not come in at a casual price point so there is no fear of making a mistake.