Scott Speedster S20 Compact Road Bike

Scott Speedster S20 Compact Road Bike Review

The Scott Speedster S20 Compact ticks all of the boxes for this type of road bike. It has racing built into the fibres of its being and would suit a rider who feels the same. It has an alloy frame and a fork that is partially constructed with carbon, which means that you can enjoy a very lightweight bike without having to spend much more of your hard-earned cash in order to secure a full carbon model. The stiffness and agility provided by the alloy frame is definitely compelling and the compact design will be appealing to many cyclists.

The hydroformed aluminium tubing of the frame is double-butted and has earned its stripes over hours of training and racing, proving that it is one of the most comfortable, light and adept options at this point of the market. The Speedster range fork is added to the mix to enhance the vibration-damping capabilities of the bike and keep the rider in a good mindset even if they have miles of potentially rough and bumpy road surfaces ahead. If you are going into the unknown with a bike that will not weigh you down or pass on all the vibrations to you, then you will feel all the more confident about what you are facing.

The frame geometry is laid out to help you make the most out of every ounce of muscle power you posses. It is stiff, rigid and sturdy despite the claims to comfort, which also ring true. As such, when you are tackling a varied course with ascents, weaving corners and fast downhill straights, you will be well equipped to take each element in your stride. The alloy frame is considered to be one of the sturdiest of its kind, which should help to stretch the value of the bike over many years of training and racing. Even if road cycling is not your first love, improving your fitness levels on the Scott Speedster S20 Compact will never feel taxing and will ideally encourage you to get out and about more regularly than ever before.

Scott has equipped the Speedster S20 Compact with a selection of Shimano components, most of which are from the 105 range. The majority have been re-engineered for 2011 and are thus able to provide seamless gear changes and firm, responsive braking. Shimano’s 105 range is also respected for its durability, which will certainly come to play its part if you have big plans for using this model. The reliable Continental Ultra Sport tyres are a staple of Scott’s road racing bikes and they are paired with the Alex Race rims, which may not be the lightest of their kind but are definitely some of the most hard-wearing.

The Scott Speedster S20 Compact is a finely made, fast and furious cycle that is also balanced enough to keep you comfortable and confident as you take on your personal best in training or a herd of other competitors in a race.

Model: Scott Speedster S20
4 / 5 stars